Om meg

Mitt foto
Susann Brox Nilsen/ kunstnernavn Susi, født i Tromsø, Norge. En berg og dalbane, fargerik, en notorisk dagdrømmer, stor svakhet for blekk på kroppen og søte ting. Eier en rosin med svart pels- aka en liten minigris. Finner inspirasjon blant egen livserfaring, surrealisme, tatoveringer, graffiti, tegneserier og i bunn og grunn alt som skiller seg ut. Jeg bruker maling som terapi, mange av mine bilder er selvportretter, men kunst er alltid hva du (tilskueren) ser i det selv.

About me

Susann Brox Nilsen/artist name Susi, born in Tromsø, Norway.
A rollercoaster, wildly creative... or not! , colorful, a notorious daydreamer, and a weakness for bodyink ans sweets. Owns a black raisin covered in fur aka a tiny minipig.
I find inspiration among life-experience, surrealism, oddities, tattoos, graffiti, cartoons and generally everything that breaks from reality.
I use painting as therapy, a lot of my work are self-portraits, but art is always what you, -the viewer, make of it.

søndag 16. mars 2014


I like working on a lot of things at the same time, spending some hours on one thing, 
and next hour on another, like my own art-station! 

So this is a portrait of my fiend's cute daughter I'm working on.
As you can see she loves: pink, fluffy stuff and offcourse being a princess!

Painted the dead bird red, ordered some stuff yesterday to put inside the
dome with it. Something will probably pop out of it's chest (nooo not a chestburster!)
Think it will turn out cool! 

Painting on buttons, to sew on puppies made of 2nd hand


søndag 9. mars 2014

The Red Rabbit - 1st sequence

Working on a huge piece 1 x1 meter, a commission for a friend. (First of 2)
You probably wonder why I'm naming her The Red rabbit,
when all you see is a snow-white, fluffy bunny..

I actually used my son's nose as a model for her face.

The theme for the duo is tarot/playing card girls/creatures, 
oh and yes- offcourse it has to contain boobies..!
She's gorgeous, wanna eat her..

New Susi accessories at Blåst

I LOVE shopping for pendants, rings, frames, beads and charms 
to make accessories ! It's like X-mas to me!
Found these cool raven-skulls to hang on my necklaces. 
Also upgraded my rings with a glassdome on the top.

These are all available at work: 
- among all the sweetest, nicest, most colorful things in town!!

Oh how we love pink!!

A whole wall with Susi-prints! YAY!

Blue Blueberry Sue

Many have asked  if I have a netshop where I sell my accessories.
I DID create an Epla-account to sell my collection. But only Epla-members can shop, 
in other words you have to create an account. 
(I really hate when I have to register to buy something online, 
especially when you just wanna buy 1 simple thing...)

And since Epla is a quite "small" norwegian network, (compared to Etsy or Ebay),
 I deleted it and created a page on Etsy instead.
Will update it as soon as possible, need to produce 
a bunch of products first !!

Back on track with new name

Finally I'm getting my blog-adress changed!!
In just a couple of days the new name for my site will be:

Now that I have the new name in box, I'm gonna get back to posting much more often. 
I also changed a great deal of the design - a lot of nice things to choose from! 
And I'm so happy I can keep the blog, can't stand the thought of making a brand new website! Gah! Or pay for someone else to do it, for that matter.......

From one thing to another-
I'm painting and creating like a madman these days, once I'm in my creative period I gotta use it
for all it's worth.
In the latest months I've fallen in love with sculping. It's great fun and even better - it dries
quickly and it's fast to paint cause of the size! Love it.
Bought some cute pendant windows on etsy, and made some lovesick birds
inside of them...aaawwwee.

Also working on this dead bird that's gonna be inside a glass-dome, 
will post more pics once I start painting on it. 

Off to paint now, will post more later
x x x

fredag 24. mai 2013

For a deer/dear friend

This is actually a recreation of a painting I first did back in 2008. It was a wedding-gift for a dear friend of mine. I was very fresh back then, had just started to paint, and this was suppose to be a  abstract painting, a little difficult area for me. 
Anyways, after some years, I was more and more embarrased over the painting.. Every time I saw it in my friend's house I seriously shuddered. 
So we finally agreed that I could paint over it, even if my friend insisted not to.. 
I even think I bribed her! lol.


The new one has obviously more Susi-style, figurative and with surreal animals,
 I totally love it now, and luckily my friend too!

 Now ( still in progress)

Pip pip fly away

Printed my very first print of my birdie!
It's for a wonderful girl in Australia! 

40 x 40 on canvas, looks great!

torsdag 21. februar 2013

Ultra Kreative Onga!!!!

Jeg er enda stor i øynene og så beæret etter møtet jeg hadde med 
klasse 7 A på Gyllenborg skole for et par uker siden.
I en oppgave i faget Kunst og håndverk  har de jobbet med å lage sine egne fantasifulle figurer. 
Ikke nok med det- men figurene er inspirert av veggmaleriet mitt i undergangen 
ved siden av skolen!! 
Et større komplemang kunne jeg ikke fått! Tenk at jeg kan bidra med å være til inspirasjon!! Jiiippppiiiiiiiii !!!!!

Jeg trodde jeg skulle dåne da læreren deres Janne A. Nordberg ringte meg og spurte om jeg ville komme å se de ferdige figurene. De skulle stilles ut i display-vinduet i undergangen, og elevene skulle selv være til stede så jeg kunne få møte de også.
 Det første synet som møtte meg, bortsett fra en flokk ivrige elever, var en fargerik bombe av et vindu. Sååååå masse fine farger!!! Og jeg som elsker farger! 
Figurene var håndlagde, ingen symaskin, og satt sammen av helt fri fantasi.
Ingenting er mer vakkert enn asymmetri og håndsydde sting,
og akkurat dette vil jeg utmerke spesielt! 
Vi lærer jo stadig vekk at man skal sy rette sømmer, ting bør være symmetrisk, det skal se pent ut, ikke for ditt og ikke for datt. Det er forsåvidt greit når det kommer til et bakeforkle - men når det kommer til kunst, og når man skal uttrykke seg selv, står jeg fast på at det skal være helt motsatt. 
Det er det som gjør det til kunst med personlig preg. Det unike!
Det er nesten som å si : Ingen er perfekte, og hvorfor skal man være det i grunn?? 
Vi er alle ulike, og jeg elsker å fremheve det.

---> Tilbake til figurene: 
Det var som om de levde alle sammen! De hadde ville personligheter, 
noen av dem flere enn bare èn. 
Alle hadde også en plass de kom ifra, om det var fra verdensrommet eller fra en butikk. 
Jeg kunne høre at mange av elevene på en måte fortalte om seg selv gjennom figurene sine. 
Andre lot fantasien bringe en helt ny personlighet til liv.

Foto: Susann B. Nilsen

 Jeg ble rett og slett søkk-imponert, ingen tvil om at det er umettelig fantasi ute å går 
i denne klassen!
Janne - hadde bare min lærer gitt oss slike oppgaver da jeg gikk på skolen, hadde jeg vært en lykkelig sjel! Det er jo slike ting som får elevene virkelig til å vokse!

Åh! Ikke minst! Jeg syntes også det var utrolig koselig at to av elevene hadde forberedet et lite intervju til meg, der de spurte meg diverse spørsmål!  
Da jeg svarte på hvem som er min favoritt-kunstner, sa jeg Mark Ryden. Her er noen av hans malerier, hvis dere ville se:

Mark Ryden

"Jessica's hope"
 Mark Ryden

 "Sweet station"
Mark Ryden

Her er også en favoritt-kunstner som lager helt fantastiske dukker: Junker Jane.
Og som dere sikkert ser: asymmetriske og håndsydde sting, akkurat slik som deres! 

Tuuuuusen takk 
 for at jeg fikk være en del av oppgaven deres, jeg er så beæret,
 og ikke minst stolt av dere! 

Stor klem fra Susann!
 (her er forresten grisen min, hun heter Bebbe!)

tirsdag 5. februar 2013

Little fish big fish

It's so cozy to have company in my atelier!!
Working on a piece for someone special, really love the way it's coming out. I didn't sketch it so  detailed, so most of the things pops up while I paint.. Sometimes that works fine, and sometimes it doesn't work at all, and I end up painting the canvas all white again..

fredag 25. januar 2013


Finished up 4 cookie-monsters! (well actually 5 - just have edit the last one before I put it out
 - the toasted marshmallow)
They're already on their way to the US, as the new owner was
 pretty quick on the trigger! 
Can't blame him, they look pretty darn tasty and toxic!

Don't worry, you can still have them in miniatures!
 I made new rings, you can find them at work: Glasshytta Blåst, Tromsø!

Something horrifying terrifying

A commission for a friend I'm working on atm, so much fun!!!
Sorry, can't reveal the rest yet since it's a suprize, so stay tune! 

Oink Oink

Just have to share with you our new family-member:
Lille My!!
 She looks like a raisin with wiry fur and is nothing else but adorable!

Lille My

Lille My is a canadian minipig!
We bought her from a farm in Tønsberg, Norway, and she was sent up to Tromsø by plain.
 She's about 10 weeks old now and 2,5 kg. As an adult she will be between 8 -15 kg (+ -).
 She'll eat almost anything, pees and poops in a cat litter box (almost odorless!)
 and she's allergy friendy! (Did anyone say The perfect pet!?)

Pigs are also damn smart!!
We had her for only 2 weeks, and she's already learnt "sit", "give kiss" and "go in circle",
pretty awesome huh!??
Soon she'll be in my atelier painting a portait of me, wait, U'll see!

torsdag 13. desember 2012


The progress of Cheshire
which is now on his way to Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia 
for the Alice in Wonderland-theme exhibition. 
Hopefully a mad person will catch him and give him a new home!

 Also sent some Mad Hatter necklaces down to the other side


Finished up the birdie last night, 
it's gonna me be a happy mother in law for x-mas! hihihi

Made a poster for my accessories to put up @ work
(Glasshytta Blåst)

Jewelry-tree @ Arctic Tattoo, Tromsø

Tweedledum &Tweedledee- rings I made

 So love with my new moth-tattoo done by Devin,
it's my x-mas-gift from Ulv!

 Under the needle again for my birthday, can't wait!!