tirsdag 1. september 2015

About running an ETSY shop

Sent 3 goodiebags with Susi-accessories out in the world today! YAY!

I opened my shop in february this year. It took a while before I had the 1st sale. Also a lot of research and reading about how to do things, many makeovers of my shop and a LOT of advertisement.
For you that wants to open an Etsy-account: it's not done in 1 day. Biggest job is about how to get traffic and buyers to your shop. 
Lots of new bling bling in my ETSY shop now!

søndag 30. august 2015

Signed artprint in my shop!

I just put out some signed artprints in my Etsy-shop!
Among them: Tiny Mr. Fox and the 2 pink owls. One of them is framed in a beautiful shabby chick frame (pink!)
Will also put the originals in my shop this week!

 "Garden of red poppies"

 "Tiny Mr. Fox"

"My favourite sweater"

Pop by my Etsy-shop here:

lørdag 29. august 2015

Tiny Mr Fox has a new home!

Sold my baby to my friend yesterday! 
The little icecream-dude is going to Bodø next week! 

mandag 24. august 2015

Every commission is ...

Every commission is :
- completely different from the last one
- makes me paint something I haven't done before
- takes unexpected turns 

This fun commission is a portrait of two brothers with passion for racecars, adventure and chocolate! 
I started the first one about 6 months ago, and just as I was getting close to finish, an accident accured in my atelier. Sadly, the painting couldn't be saved. So I had to start over again.
Luckely my customer is a patient sweetheart!

But the 2nd is coming out just as funny and playful as the first, so I'm happy!

 Mmm don't u just wanna eat those mountains!?

Vrooom vroooooooooom
"Where are we going bro' !?"
"To choco valley fairground!!!"

onsdag 19. august 2015

Exhibition news

Thought I would post some of the paintings that are available in my exhibition,
 currently showing at The Edge (Clarion Hotel) in Tromsø.

I'm exhibiting 10 oilpaintings. The theme is Dreams - conscious and unconscious.

The painting will hang to the end of august, pop by and have a look if you're in town! :)

 "The Journey". Oil on canvas 80 cm x 80 cm

 "Time traveler". Oil on canvas 

 "Morpheus' garden". Oil on canvas

 "Pluviophile" (lover of rain) Oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm 

"All you need". Oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm

"The white nest". Oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm.

All images ©Susann Brox Nilsen

To see all 9 paintings in the flesh, pop by The Edge (Clarion Hotel)  Kaigata 6, Tromsø.

Flying crazy pigs!!

As you all know I'm a big pig-lover! 
I wanted to make some handmade keychains for my shop. 
It turned out that small crazy, flying piggies was perfect for the job!

They're made of magic sculp and painted with oilpaint.

You can find them here in my ETSY-shop:

torsdag 13. august 2015

Gorgeous sisters!

The gorgeous sisters are now hanging at The Edge, looking for a date!
If you still haven't seen my exhibition, pop by and have a look (it will hang there all august!) -
and let me know your favourite painting!

"Kiss my ass" and "Promiscuous"
 oil on canvas, 30 cm x 80 cm

søndag 9. august 2015

Pretty prints

New Susi-prints available at Glasshytta Blåst Nordens Paris! 
Printed on canvas, ready to hang on the wall.

 "Nuts about you", "Appleseeds" and "Garden of red poppies".

 "Wonderland" (SOLD)

"Miss Fur", framed 

Prints can be shipped if you live outside Tromsø (or outside Norway), just contact me :)

onsdag 5. august 2015

Artikkel iTromsø / Local newspaper

Hurraaayyy!! Article about my exhibition today in the local newspaper iTromsø :

You can read the full article here:

søndag 2. august 2015


Last night was magic..... So grateful to have so much support. friends and family to share with.
The exhibition will be there all august, so for you that did't make it to the vernissage, pop by next time you're in town! (Clarion Hotel The Edge, Kaigata 6 Tromsø)
Oh! And let me know your favourite piece :)

 EXITED!!!!!!!! Waiting for the guests to arrive! 

Guest-exhibitor: Theodor Brox Pettersen. Title "Space-hair".  
My son couldn't be there as he's away on holliday, but he did paint his own painting for my exhibition! Pretty rad huh? 
(Can be purchased if you're interested)

Cava for the adults, and sweet lemonade for the little ones. 

 My man.....I seriously couldn't have done this without his neck-massage, crying shoulder, 
ass-whopping and caramel kaffè latte for the past 3,5 months. I love you so much. 

Sneak peek:
To see all 9 pieces in the flesh visit Clarion The Edge in Tromsø

tirsdag 28. juli 2015


Countdown to exhibition! Hope to see you there!!! 
Cava for the big girls and soda for the kids!

x x x 

tirsdag 14. juli 2015

Oilpaint FTW

So a couple of days ago I decided to give acrylic a new chance.
Last time I promised myself to never touch it again, for some reason me and acrylic just don't get along!
Anyways, I started a small painting, and at first it actually went really well. But then offcourse, on the 2ond layer it started to go to hell. I swear there was a demon sitting on my canvas laughing his ass off. The last hour I was dragging my hair and my paintbrush out of the canvas, since everything was bone dry. The colors looked like shit, and the face just looked like a carved stone.

Instead of smashing the painting and burn all my acrylics, which I seriously wanted to do,- I saved it for the next morning. I then continued with oilpaint, my BFF. That was like candy coming out of my paintbrush, and so I wrote a reminder to hang in my atelier:

1. You and acrylics will never be bffs
2. Acrylic is evil
3. If you all the sudden, against all odds, find yourself holding acrylicpaint in your hand - burn it as quicly as possible
4. Never paint with acrylic

søndag 5. juli 2015

Stay up late and make stuff

I beat my own world record in producing art! I've never painted as much as the last 3 months, and I still need to create non stop for the next 2 weeks to get it all done.
I really haven't had the time to look properly at my finished paintings! But SOON I will sit down with a big bowl of icecream and caramel dripping sauce, (don't remind me about my IBS in cases like this!!!) and just glance over what I've been doing for the last months! 

Sneak peek 1

Countdown for my vernissage at Clarion hotel The Edge has started, 
the opening will be on saturday the 1st August!
I named my exhibition "The place in between", and the theme is dreams ,- conscious and unconscious .
There will be 5 large pieces, and 3 small. 

Sneak peek 2

 The hotel looks pretty awesome huh?

tirsdag 16. juni 2015

Bakgårdsmarked/ Pop up-marked Tromsø lørdag 13 juni

Da var vårens første marked på plass! NODA's bakgårdsmarked / Pop up marked i en koselig bakgård i Tromsø sentrum.
Til tross for regn (typisk!) så va vi heldig å stå under telt, og vi hadde deilige varmelampe i ryggen. Ganske koselig til tross for været!

 Se de utrulig søte godteri-skålen vi har laga på jobb! Blåseran har stådd for glass og lokk, og æ for graveringa! Kirsebæra er min favoritt!!
Vi har dem på Blåst Nordens Paris i Tromsø.

Susi-bod vs Blåst-bod

Djises, ser skikkelig miserabel ut på det her bilde, 
men skjekk det smile da avisa kom:

Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade kokosboller