lørdag 21. oktober 2017

New merchandise!!

Yaay! Totebags & T-shirts!! 👜Blåst-illustration by me 💖🍓💖

These are available (with other designs too!
🐟 ) at Glasshytta Blåst, Peder Hansens gt 4, Tromsø


Crazy cat lady!

Are you one? Or do you know anyone that is?
There will be a lot of new and fun stuff for the X-mas marked 25th of  november (Et marked Workinnmarka skole), stay toon for more info!!

onsdag 11. oktober 2017

New sneak peek for the book!

Namako lives in Japan and works as a octopus researcher. 
She's daydreaming about swimming with big squids, hammer sharks and devil rays!

 © Susann Brox Nilsen

tirsdag 19. september 2017

X-mas project

Working on a new and fun project for X-mas!🎄 
More info coming next month! Until then - here's some sneak peeks! 
Which one's your favourite??

 "Candy mama"
 "Sur sitron"

Upcoming children's book project!

Biggest news of all time! I am currently illustrating my very first children's book! The author is Rita Sørly, a colorful woman with great imagination. The special thing about this book is that it's bilingual, half Norwegian and half Samisk. The book will be released on the Samenes national day the 6th. of February. 

We already posted some sneak peeks, which I will share with you here! Stay tune for more! 
You can also follow news on my Instagram: Susi_theweirdandwonderful

Meet the main character: Namako- the octopus researcher! 

And here's her colleague Fugu - which loves nuddles!

fredag 23. september 2016


Closing the week with this oilpainting! 
HAve a colorful weekend!!

©Susann Brox Nilsen

Secret project

Just finished the secret collaboration- 1 day before deadline! This is the BIGGEST thing ever happened to me and my art! I will reveal it VERY soon!!
Here's some sneaky peeks in the meantime!!

tirsdag 20. september 2016

ARTBOT GALLERY..... and browncheese

SOooooooooo HAPPY to be part of Artbot Gallery in USA!!
This is A gallery that specializes in 
lowbrow art and weird stuff! (which we so desperately need back here in Norway!)

Prints, Susi-accessories and some of my originals will now be shown in this supercool gallery
in Virginia.
OH and I also sent a package with Norwegian brown cheese for Kari (yes her name is
 Norwegian, cool huh?) waiting exited to hear the reaction, lol.

Wish I could go there and check the gallery out for myself, 
would be a nice excuse to visit the states too :))
If you're into lowbrow, surrealism and weird stuff check out
Artbot gallery on FB and Instagram! 

lørdag 17. september 2016

The circus is on Instagram too

My friends, you need to get over to Instagram and follow me there, that's where the circus is atm!!

Find me at IG : Susi_theweirdandwonderful

Don't worry...I'm not dead..........

......I've just been too busy eating donuts...!
How are you, all lovely humans reading my blog?
I've been great, 2016 has really been a wonderful year for me! :) We bought a beautiful, cozy house on the country side, and I just finished my new colorful atelier! 2 months went without touching the paintbrush, I was like a dry spunge in the end, seriously.
Now I'm back in business and it feels super good. Sometimes a break can be good too, in this case it was. Almost like a new start! And in a new atelier!

Ooooh and we have a new family member!! 
It's one perfect word to describe her and that's sausage!

 Meet our super cute wiener Mille!!!! 

As it comes to ART it's been a million things happening!
Like this:

and this:

 You can now have pillows, totebags, purses, laptop /mobile skin and t-shirts with my art on! Ammmmaaagaaad, I know!!
Here's link if you wanna stop by and go bananaz:

Miss Wolf is my newest character, or my alter ego to more precise. 
We just started The boring and always tired,- but creative- club together. Are you in?

torsdag 25. februar 2016

It's my birthday and 35% SALE IN MY SHOP

Today I'm 35!! So I'm celebrating by giving 35 % discount on everything in my ETSY-shop! 
Use code: SUSI35 in checkout! 
Enjoy!!!! xxx

fredag 19. februar 2016

February eyecandy!

ONE month since last post omg I'm embarrassed!! Good news I've got 
LOTS of new eyecandy to show you! YAY!
Several have been asking for the rings with color-base, so I'm happy to announce that they're back in stock! Shiny Blue, Apple Green and Precious Pink!
Have already put some of them in my Etsy-shop, more is coming :)

Did you have a nice Valentines day? I wanted to make something special for the day, so I painted this cute bird with the message "Ai låvv ju" (I love you). Made some necklaces, rings and keychains of it! They can also be found in my shop :) 

Oh more birds!
 I fell in love with these birdcage-frames, and wanted to try them out, pip pip.
I've always had a thing for birdcages, especially those with round top! 

 Both bronze and silver-colored.

Have you heard the sound of this bird? (Zebra finches) SO CUTE!!! Like a bird on helium! 
I need 10 of them in my atelier! 

torsdag 28. januar 2016

Circus and ducklings

I have a thing for ducklings at the moment! Aaaaaww...
My man actually wants a duck as a pet... I don't know about that though, lol.
Fell in love with this duck-pajama, and the best things is that it's SUPER-SOFT!!

So no suprize that a duckling had to be the next painting :)
Oil on paper, 2016
Susann Brox Nilsen

I'm still in love with the circus-theme ,- even though I DON'T support circus with animals 
in real life. 
This little bear loves to dress up and eat icecream all day long :) Just like me!!
Oil on paper, 2016
Susann Brox Nilsen

mandag 18. januar 2016

Best cartoon portrait ever!!

I am so lucky to know this amazing artist through Instagram, and she made this portrait of me! 
I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! I bought a beautiful barock-frame for it , and it will ofc hang in my atelier!
Check her art out on instagram : IAMCEREAL

I started collecting handmade creatures last year, and I've just found a new member!
This lovely fox is custom-made for just me by The violetpie. It's made of hand dyed alpaca yarn, and can even move her head and limbs.
Her name is Eliza.

You can find the artist on ETSY: Violetpi

lørdag 16. januar 2016

HORROR strawberry chocolate cake yummi

My newest project, which I wanted to do for a long time now :)
Remember the monster-cakes?

Now - how cool would it be to see them in realistic shape??!

First one out is the chocolate strawberry cake with jigsaw teeth!

Day 1:  I had to make it in two separate pieces because of the weight

Day 2: Mounting the two parts 

Day 3: Teeth-shaping! OUCH!

Day 4: Finally I can start painting it!!! FUN!!

This is how it looks so far! I will add tutti frutti on top when I glaze it! lol. 
It will be hilarious.