tirsdag 5. desember 2017

Susi kopper - 4 igjen!

Det er 4 Susi-kopper igjen etter markedet! 😁
 Hyl ut hvis du vil eie en eller gi en spenstig julegave!
Pris 200 ,- Tåler oppvaskmaskin (hurraaa!)☕
Send meg mail Susidusie@hotmail.com eller kontakt meg på FB: Art by Susann Brox Nilsen

 "Varm i kroppen" SOLGT

 "Lekkerbisken" 2 stk igjen

 "Mæ + kaffe = 💓" 1 stk igjen
"Krølltopp" 1 stk igjen

mandag 4. desember 2017

Flamamiiiiiiingo baby

Dette lekre paret henger nå til salgs på Glasshytta Blåst i Tromsø.
"Flam up your ingos", print på lerret, str 40 x 90. Kunst av Susann Brox Nilsen.
Piff opp ditt eget hjem med noe fargerikt, eller en flott gave til noen som liker det litt utenom det vanlige! 
Ta turen innom byens fineste butikk, Glasshytta Blåst, Peder Hansens gt. 4, Tromsø! 

Kan også sendes om du bor utenfor Tromsø :) 

lørdag 2. desember 2017

What a week!!

Wow what a week!!
Xmas market at Workinnmarka school went super good🎄🎅 so much sweet people and good sale, I am super happy!! 😁😁

If you haven't already finished your presents, there is still some gemstones left! 
These will be available at Glasshytta Blåst OR posted at my FB page: ART BY SUSANN BROX NILSEN( or follow the link here:) 

Such as these crazy furballs! They're hanging out at Glasshytta Blåst, but they would like to hang on your christmas tree! 🎄
Pop by the hottest shop in town! Peder Hansens gt 4, Tromsø.

Also available at Glasshytta Blåst:

 Christmas cards!

 Gift tags!

fredag 17. november 2017

Susi KOPPER så klart!

Hurrraaaaaa Susi-Koppene er kommet!! ☕💘 Har gledet meg til å prøve noe helt nytt, og er super fornøyd med resultatet! (måtte beholde 2 selv 😀)
Disse vil bli solgt på  Et marked 25-26 november Workinnmarka skole, Tromsø 🎄🎅 🎄🎅 🎅 

Velg mellom mange forskjellige ~Sjokoman 🍫(meg så klart!!), Mårragretten, Crazy cat lady, Frk Bossy, Krølltopp og mange fler! 

torsdag 2. november 2017

PRE-XMAS SALE!! 30 % discount in my ETSY shop!

🎅🎄 BIG PRE-XMAS SALE! 30 % discount on everything in my ETSY-shop!
Perfect opportunity to buy a xmas gift, or a little something for yourself 

Vampires and painting and coffee and stuff

After looking myself in the mirror, I felt the urge to make a selfportrait.
 It's a known thing that artists get extra creative during the night. 
Yes - just like vampires.

lørdag 28. oktober 2017

Tiny Mr. Fox and gingerbread

Gnam gnam Tiny Mr. Fox loves gingerbread!

Super cute christmas cards out in my Etsy shop now!! 🎄🎅
Use as tags on your x-mas presents or send a greeting card to someone! 😀

Doble cards with glossy surface, size 10,7 x 14,0 cm. Comes with envelope.

fredag 27. oktober 2017

Naughty or nice?

Ho ho ho! 🎄🎅
Have you been naughty or nice?

Naughty christmas cards out in my Etsy shop now!! 🎄🎅
Use as tags on your x-mas presents or send a greeting card to someone! 😀

Doble cards with glossy surface, size 10,7 x 14,0 cm. Comes with envelope.

lørdag 21. oktober 2017

New merchandise!!

Yaay! Totebags & T-shirts!! 👜Blåst-illustration by me 💖🍓💖

These are available (with other designs too!
🐟 ) at 
Glasshytta Blåst, Peder Hansens gt 4, Tromsø


Crazy cat lady!

Are you one? Or do you know anyone that is?
There will be a lot of new and fun stuff for the X-mas marked 25th of  november (Et marked Workinnmarka skole), stay toon for more info!!

onsdag 11. oktober 2017

New sneak peek for the book!

Namako lives in Japan and works as a octopus researcher. 
She's daydreaming about swimming with big squids, hammer sharks and devil rays!

 © Susann Brox Nilsen

tirsdag 19. september 2017

X-mas project

Working on a new and fun project for X-mas!🎄 
More info coming next month! Until then - here's some sneak peeks! 
Which one's your favourite??

 "Candy mama"
 "Sur sitron"

Upcoming children's book project!

Biggest news of all time! I am currently illustrating my very first children's book! The author is Rita Sørly, a colorful woman with great imagination. The special thing about this book is that it's bilingual, half Norwegian and half Samisk. The book will be released on the Samenes national day the 6th. of February. 

We already posted some sneak peeks, which I will share with you here! Stay tune for more! 
You can also follow news on my Instagram: Susi_theweirdandwonderful

Meet the main character: Namako- the octopus researcher! 

And here's her colleague Fugu - which loves nuddles!

fredag 23. september 2016


Closing the week with this oilpainting! 
HAve a colorful weekend!!

©Susann Brox Nilsen

Secret project

Just finished the secret collaboration- 1 day before deadline! This is the BIGGEST thing ever happened to me and my art! I will reveal it VERY soon!!
Here's some sneaky peeks in the meantime!!

tirsdag 20. september 2016

ARTBOT GALLERY..... and browncheese

SOooooooooo HAPPY to be part of Artbot Gallery in USA!!
This is A gallery that specializes in 
lowbrow art and weird stuff! (which we so desperately need back here in Norway!)

Prints, Susi-accessories and some of my originals will now be shown in this supercool gallery
in Virginia.
OH and I also sent a package with Norwegian brown cheese for Kari (yes her name is
 Norwegian, cool huh?) waiting exited to hear the reaction, lol.

Wish I could go there and check the gallery out for myself, 
would be a nice excuse to visit the states too :))
If you're into lowbrow, surrealism and weird stuff check out
Artbot gallery on FB and Instagram! 

lørdag 17. september 2016

The circus is on Instagram too

My friends, you need to get over to Instagram and follow me there, that's where the circus is atm!!

Find me at IG : Susi_theweirdandwonderful

Don't worry...I'm not dead..........

......I've just been too busy eating donuts...!
How are you, all lovely humans reading my blog?
I've been great, 2016 has really been a wonderful year for me! :) We bought a beautiful, cozy house on the country side, and I just finished my new colorful atelier! 2 months went without touching the paintbrush, I was like a dry spunge in the end, seriously.
Now I'm back in business and it feels super good. Sometimes a break can be good too, in this case it was. Almost like a new start! And in a new atelier!

Ooooh and we have a new family member!! 
It's one perfect word to describe her and that's sausage!

 Meet our super cute wiener Mille!!!! 

As it comes to ART it's been a million things happening!
Like this:

and this:

 You can now have pillows, totebags, purses, laptop /mobile skin and t-shirts with my art on! Ammmmaaagaaad, I know!!
Here's link if you wanna stop by and go bananaz:

Miss Wolf is my newest character, or my alter ego to more precise. 
We just started The boring and always tired,- but creative- club together. Are you in?