mandag 23. november 2015

Wonderful Weekend

What a fantastic weekend at Et Marked!!
 So much nice people, perfect spot, and I stood next to GLASSHYTTA BLÅST (my second home) and these : STROOPWAFELS!!!  (I ate like a whole package by myself.)
Need I say more!?

These are made by the hosts Siri Bjørvig and Richard Van Der Poel

My candy-shop: Artprints, accessories and sculptures :)

Sniff, Burzum and Atticus, all 3 found a new home for Xmas! :)

If you didn't make it to the marked this year, 
I'll be on POP UP marked in 2 weeks! More info coming!

onsdag 18. november 2015

Et Marked!! 2 dager unna!

Har du et ledig øyeblikk eller 2 i helga, sving innom Marked på Workinnmarka skole!! 
Det blir alt mellom himmel og jord, godis, smykker, klær, keramikk, plakata, you name it. Og sist men ikke minst så skal jo æ stå der med en egen søt bod! :))

Lørdag: 10 - 17
Søndag: 11 - 16

søndag 15. november 2015

Roller Derby Girls!

Do you have a Roller Derby Girl in you? 
Figured I'd use my drawings in my collection!
Made some cool keychains with my girls, and they even have small rollerskates on! 
You can use them for your keys, or hang them on your bag or whatever.

(A perfect little Xmas gift!)
They're out in my Etsy shop if you like them! :)

Susi Gift tags!!

They're out! This year's illustration is Rudolph the reindeer and a penguin in a hot air balloon :)
Visit my Etsy shop to get some of these supercute gift tags! 
10 pcs in one package. Limited edition!!

mandag 9. november 2015

Did I tell you about the flying cow?

Nothing makes an artist more happy than free will to create something! 
When I get commissions, the customer usually gives me some thoughts on what they want, what colors they like/don't like and so on, and that is also essential to get the process started.  
But I gotta admit that I prefer that the conversations ends like "But do it your way. You have no restrictions". 

This commission is a DREAM piece to do, because my customer said exactly that:
 "Can you paint me a cow? And you have no restrictions" :)
And here she is! Still in progress, but quite a beauty! 

Little baby fox in stardust

Finally making accessories with prints of my latest work! :)
The flying fox from my original painting "Time traveler" is first out ! 

 I put one black and one silver-colored in my Etsy-shop, 
here's a link if you want to pop by:

These are nickelfree and adjustable, so perfect for any fingers :) 

Upcoming Xmas marked!!

"Et marked" is the only 12 days away, 
and I'm working like a champ to bring fresh eyecandy and cute creatures!

If you have a free moment on saturday 21. or sunday 22. - pop by and say hi! 
It's gonna be so much to fall in love with! Here's a little peek:

Lots of new accessories!!



 Cute creatures!!

The marked is located at Workinnmarka skole. 
Here is a link to the event on FB:

Hope to see you there!! :)

tirsdag 3. november 2015

Little snow dude

Sold this little dude yesterday!
Mr Puffyfluff is heading for his new home, and the "family" needs another member, better make some new ones tonight!

mandag 2. november 2015


YAAY! Something to spice up your november-days with! 
Be the lucky owner of "Boo", one of my handcrafted sculptures. Isn't he cute!?

The rules are simple: FOLLOW, SHARE and TAG! 
You can tag as many friends as you like.
If you don't have an Instagram account, you can also share on your FB page,
twitter, mail or whatever :)

"Boo" is made of magicsculp, painted with oilpaint and handstitched clothes.

I will draw the winner in end of november! Good luck!! xx

onsdag 28. oktober 2015

Test printing Xmas tags!

Test printing this year's present-tags!! Which one do you like best?? Rudolph or Pingu? 
These will be available at Glasshytta Blåst and Et Marked next month!
Will also put some in my Etsy shop!

fredag 23. oktober 2015

NEW Facebook Page!!

I am shutting down my old Facebook fan-page that was under the name "Susann Brox Nilsen", 
and opening av new one!

The new one is under the name "Art by Susann Brox Nilsen" and looks like this:

Let me give a tip to all you artists out there, that has a FB fan-page.
Don't touch the "Promote this site" or "Make campaign" buttons...
I'm sure you noticed that you increased in fans and likes, but the truth is that this is mostly spam and empty profiles.
I paid $$$ for this shit, and I was SO exited and happy when I reached 11 000 fans!!
But the posts seemed to not reach out! Just few people saw them (Like 10 - 15 people!) , and I had no new likes, in fact I lost several each day.
I've talked to others that experienced the same thing, and this Spam has ruined my whole site.

So I'm starting over again, and I would be thrilled to have you on board!!
xx Susi

mandag 19. oktober 2015

For your gorgeous x-mas presents!

Working on this years to/from-stickers! 
 These will be available at "Et Marked" next month, but also in my Etsy-shop! Stay tune!!

New members of the family!

New members of the family!!
Dressed up and ready to be painted :)

These will be for sale on the big X-mas marked I'm participating in next month:
"Et Marked" 
 (@ Workinnmarka skole in Tromsø)

tirsdag 13. oktober 2015

What will our names be?

Received so many cool name-suggestions after posting these on FB! 
Let me know if YOU have a name that would suit for these whimsical creatures!

My new glasses!!!

Yesterday I was told that I need glasses. Which is no problem for me - I love glasses! I even have a fake pair just because they're cool.
As an artist, and I will not settle with something ordinary. No doubt what drew my attention in the shop: Colors colors colors! I brought 4 pairs with me home to try out till the next day.
This is the winner!
Traction production 
They have an amazing collection, if you like standing out you should deffently look into them!
Here's some more favourites from them:
I think I'm addicted..... 
(Also tried these out, they were so cool!)