Om meg

Mitt foto
Susann Brox Nilsen/ kunstnernavn Susi, født i Tromsø, Norge. En berg og dalbane, fargerik, en notorisk dagdrømmer, stor svakhet for blekk på kroppen og søte ting. Eier en rosin med svart pels- aka en liten minigris. Finner inspirasjon blant egen livserfaring, surrealisme, tatoveringer, graffiti, tegneserier og i bunn og grunn alt som skiller seg ut. Jeg bruker maling som terapi, mange av mine bilder er selvportretter, men kunst er alltid hva du (tilskueren) ser i det selv.

About me

Susann Brox Nilsen/artist name Susi, born in Tromsø, Norway.
A rollercoaster, wildly creative, colorful, a notorious daydreamer, weak for bodyink and sweets. Owns a black raisin covered in fur aka a tiny minipig.
I find inspiration among life-experience, surrealism, oddities, tattoos, graffiti, cartoons and generally everything that breaks from reality.
I use painting as therapy, a lot of my work are self-portraits, but art is always what you, -the viewer, make of it.

fredag 5. desember 2014

New BlingBlings

I love working with my jewelry-collection, 
trying out new things is the best part!

Susi-tags - makes the presents grow legs and run across the room! Really!

I NEED an ETSY account!!!! Now!!

lørdag 29. november 2014


A give-away can be a great thing! 
Win Win: 
1. Make someone happy with a gift!  2. Helps spread your art out in the world!

I had a 2500-likes competition on my FB fan-page, I was hoping on reaching it before Xmas!


Wiener in progress

"Snow dog"
Oil on canvas 2014

The bee-Goddess

This is a portait I just finished for a dear friend of mine. It's very personal and represents many important elements in her life.
The honey bee queen represents many things. Fertility and generations, imortalety and resurrection. Protecter and sacrificer.

She's one of my top favourites so far...

"The bee-goddess"
Oil on canvas, 2014


So I've been in my fishbowl again! I've had some incredible last months, with blooming imagination and the urge to create. When that happens, you got to use it for all it's worth...!!

As an artist you always face a period of being a zombie...you know,- when nothing creative comes to your head.
You can stare at your white canvas for hours, get really pizzed because nothing comes to your mind, then start to cry, and in the enda - finally give up while you're eating a 6-pack of donuts.

These last to weekends, I've participated in 2 markeds, it's been so much fun! I worked my ass of to produce a motherload of accessories - and luckely it was worth it :)

 ......Bling bling......

 I bought a really dull wood-display for my jewelries, and decided to pimp it up with a little Susi-art...! Much better huh?

.....gnam gnam.......

 Trying out these new bracelets for my collection, they have snap-buttons on! Snapping is FUN!

Oh! New for this years Xmas! Gift-cards with my new wiener-dog!! Perfect huh!? hahaha.

Me with nice shopping-bag eyes!

My partner at the marked was my sweet friend Camilla (Mille's skatter) - she creates AMAZING knitted treasures. I grabbed 2 scarfes her the collection the second she packed them out!

The girl hiding under the table?
Oh .that's Me packing out my stuff at the 2nd marked!

mandag 18. august 2014

Pop up-marked

A lot of eye-candy at the Pop-up marked this weekend!!

These boots are made for walking

You know when you're keeping something for years in the closet, and you're not using it, 
but you don't have the heart to throw it away? 
I figured I could touch up my lovely, purple sandals 
with some oilpaint, instead of letting them turn grey!
They're still in progress, but I'll deffently
be using them more now!

torsdag 5. juni 2014

Head above water

Working on a new piece, 
it's gonna be a half by half ocean and land ! 

fredag 30. mai 2014

Elise in candyland

I almost finished the portrait of my friend's adorable daughter!
 Just some minor details missing.
Sweet for the eye! Can't wait to see the little girl's reaction!

Tweet tweet

Finished the 2 birds!! They're for my mother in law.
These will also be printed on canvas and can be 
purchased at work (Blåst Nordens Paris, Tromsø)

oil on canvas, 2014

2500 competition!

Help me reach 2500 fans on my FB-page!!
I will draw a winner than can choose between these

prettysweet Susi-necklaces!
Thank you!! x x x

mandag 12. mai 2014

Birthday present for a dad

A friend of mine wanted a custom Susi- painting for her 
dad's birthday ! 
Among the info she gave me, I picked out his favourite things to do as well as
characteristic features of his face.
This was such a fun project to do!

Untitled, oil on canvas

søndag 11. mai 2014

Run rabbit run

Finally finished my big commission-piece! 
I'm really happy with her.... 
I actually would like to keep her, hahah... 
So I'm gonna order a print of her, to hang in our livingroom (hurray!).

Her name is "The White Hunter",
she lives in the dark forest hunting crows
at night.
Pretty bedazzling with her puffy tale.....and nude offcourse!
Commission for a relative of mine.

søndag 16. mars 2014


I like working on a lot of things at the same time, spending some hours on one thing, 
and next hour on another, like my own art-station! 

So this is a portrait of my fiend's cute daughter I'm working on.
As you can see she loves: pink, fluffy stuff and offcourse being a princess!

Painted the dead bird red, ordered some stuff yesterday to put inside the
dome with it. Something will probably pop out of it's chest (nooo not a chestburster!)
Think it will turn out cool! 

Painting on buttons, to sew on puppies made of 2nd hand


søndag 9. mars 2014

The White Hunter - 1st sequence

Working on a huge piece 1 x1 meter, a commission for a friend. (First of 2)
 I'm naming her The White Hunter.

I actually used my son's nose as a model for her face.

The theme for the duo is tarot/playing card girls/creatures, 
oh and yes- offcourse it has to contain boobies..!
She's gorgeous, wanna eat her..

New Susi accessories at Blåst

I LOVE shopping for pendants, rings, frames, beads and charms 
to make accessories ! It's like X-mas to me!
Found these cool raven-skulls to hang on my necklaces. 
Also upgraded my rings with a glassdome on the top.

These are all available at work: 
- among all the sweetest, nicest, most colorful things in town!!

Oh how we love pink!!

A whole wall with Susi-prints! YAY!

Blue Blueberry Sue

Many have asked  if I have a netshop where I sell my accessories.
I DID create an Epla-account to sell my collection. But only Epla-members can shop, 
in other words you have to create an account. 
(I really hate when I have to register to buy something online, 
especially when you just wanna buy 1 simple thing...)

And since Epla is a quite "small" norwegian network, (compared to Etsy or Ebay),
 I deleted it and created a page on Etsy instead.
Will update it as soon as possible, need to produce 
a bunch of products first !!

Back on track with new name

Finally I'm getting my blog-adress changed!!
In just a couple of days the new name for my site will be: 

Now that I have the new name in box, I'm gonna get back to posting much more often. 
I also changed a great deal of the design - a lot of nice things to choose from! 
And I'm so happy I can keep the blog, can't stand the thought of making a brand new website! Gah! Or pay for someone else to do it, for that matter.......

From one thing to another-
I'm painting and creating like a madman these days, once I'm in my creative period I gotta use it
for all it's worth.
In the latest months I've fallen in love with sculping. It's great fun and even better - it dries
quickly and it's fast to paint cause of the size! Love it.
Bought some cute pendant windows on etsy, and made some lovesick birds
inside of them...aaawwwee.

Also working on this dead bird that's gonna be inside a glass-dome, 
will post more pics once I start painting on it. 

Off to paint now, will post more later
x x x