This is me

About me :
Susann Brox Nilsen (Artist name Susi), born in Tromsø, Norway.
Selftaught artist. Painted since 2006.
As a person I'm a rollercoaster, a daydreamer, whimsical and colorful, and I have a weakness for chocolate.

I find inspiration for my art in a lot of things. Dreams, life experience, surrealism, cartoons, fairytales, graffiti, abnormal and bizarre things, generally everything that breaks from reality.

I use surrealism and metaphors in every painting.
Eyes are a typical feature in my work. Our eyes reflects our mood, sometimes better than words.

My art is important to me in many ways: it's my odd way to communicate with the world, but also a way to express my feelings and give me a peaceful mind.

I would descirbe my work as lowbrow style, surrealistic fairytales and a mix of dreams and reality.

Commissions are welcome!
Send me a msg at: Susidusie@hotmail.com

tirsdag 14. juli 2015

Oilpaint FTW

So a couple of days ago I decided to give acrylic a new chance.
Last time I promised myself to never touch it again, for some reason me and acrylic just don't get along!
Anyways, I started a small painting, and at first it actually went really well. But then offcourse, on the 2ond layer it started to go to hell. I swear there was a demon sitting on my canvas laughing his ass off. The last hour I was dragging my hair and my paintbrush out of the canvas, since everything was bone dry. The colors looked like shit, and the face just looked like a carved stone.

Instead of smashing the painting and burn all my acrylics, which I seriously wanted to do,- I saved it for the next morning. I then continued with oilpaint, my BFF. That was like candy coming out of my paintbrush, and so I wrote a reminder to hang in my atelier:

1. You and acrylics will never be bffs
2. Acrylic is evil
3. If you all the sudden, against all odds, find yourself holding acrylicpaint in your hand - burn it as quicly as possible
4. Never paint with acrylic

søndag 5. juli 2015

Stay up late and make stuff

I beat my own world record in producing art! I've never painted as much as the last 3 months, and I still need to create non stop for the next 2 weeks to get it all done.
I really haven't had the time to look properly at my finished paintings! But SOON I will sit down with a big bowl of icecream and caramel dripping sauce, (don't remind me about my IBS in cases like this!!!) and just glance over what I've been doing for the last months! 

Sneak peek 1

Countdown for my vernissage at Clarion hotel The Edge has started, 
the opening will be on saturday the 1st August!
I named my exhibition "The place in between", and the theme is dreams ,- conscious and unconscious .
There will be 5 large pieces, and 3 small. 

Sneak peek 2

 The hotel looks pretty awesome huh?

tirsdag 16. juni 2015

Bakgårdsmarked/ Pop up-marked Tromsø lørdag 13 juni

Da var vårens første marked på plass! NODA's bakgårdsmarked / Pop up marked i en koselig bakgård i Tromsø sentrum.
Til tross for regn (typisk!) så va vi heldig å stå under telt, og vi hadde deilige varmelampe i ryggen. Ganske koselig til tross for været!

 Se de utrulig søte godteri-skålen vi har laga på jobb! Blåseran har stådd for glass og lokk, og æ for graveringa! Kirsebæra er min favoritt!!
Vi har dem på Blåst Nordens Paris i Tromsø.

Susi-bod vs Blåst-bod

Djises, ser skikkelig miserabel ut på det her bilde, 
men skjekk det smile da avisa kom:

Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade kokosboller


So I'm working on a brand new serie for my next exhibition, which will be at 
Clarion The Edge hotel in august. (Tromsø)
The theme for this serie is dreams.
Here's a little sneak-peek! Can't reveal too much! :)) 
PS! Really hope to see you there, will be advertising later this month!

I think this is gonna be my personal favourite <3 p="">

onsdag 10. juni 2015

Make over ETSY-page

I gave my ETSY-shop a whole new look! 
The shop is more tidy and clean now, with sections for each thing. Shot better (and more) pictures, added a new banner, and added some new products! Pop by and let me know what you think!! 



Colorful rings!!

New supercute bracelets!!!
 These hand-knitted bracelets are filled with charms and buttons! 
And it also includes to miniature Susi-prints!!

Visit my Etsy-shop:
........ Susi Etsy shop ........

(or search my name on Etsy) 

onsdag 3. juni 2015

SMOOTHIE forever wallart

Did I tell you!?  My favourite smoothie-bar asked me to decorate their wall with whimsical Susi art! YAAY!!

 Scetching the first night.......

2nd night: Aaaaalmost done 

TADA!! 3rd night and it looks smashing

We've been living there every day, me & Theo, drinking the best smoothie there is. 
Our favourite is PINA Colada! 
Always in size Large, no point if it's not BIG right!?

You should deffently stop by for a refreshment!
Five a day is located at Jekta, Tromsø.
Webpage: Fiveaday.no
Phone: 930-JUICE

Progress of raingirl

Just put together some in-progress pics! I always love to see others artist's progress pictures, it's almost like being in the atelier with them.

This is the 2nd big piece in a serie of 5. 
Working for my next exhibition in auguste at The Edge in Tromsø! Yay!!!

The red garden is finished

This is a commission for a friend that I've just finished!

"Garden of red poppies"
Oil on canvas 

It's for a relative of mine, for him, his fiance and their baby girl.
Red poppies are a symbol of fertility, beauty and magic (among more),- which is a metaphor for their daughter. Aswell as the open space in her belly.
The birds symbolizes their free and open love for eachother. The open cage means that their future is limitless, doors are open for new things. Perhaps another baby coming, who knows? ;)

onsdag 4. mars 2015

PINK it is!

PINK all the way!!!!!
I'm back in my pink-period....
Dyed my hair pink for my birthday! Needed a change :) It was either pink or ice-blue. 

Lots of new pink stuff in my collection , putting some out on my Etsy-shop tonight! 

Wear my girls!

 Miss Fur and Miss Bubblepop now available in my jewelry-collection!!

Tried out different frames and decided this black cameo frame was the perfect one.

Bought these really cool candy-charms on Etsy, and I was looking forward to try them out! 
They look great with Miss Bubblepop in the middle!

Find them all in my 


It's finally up and running, my Etsy-shop!!!
Look me up : WeirdandwonderfulSusi

or click the link:


Eyecandy for every taste, welcome to my second circus!

fredag 13. februar 2015

Always be yourself..........................
unless you want to be a unicorn...then always be a unicorn.

New bling bling in my collection!
You can find them at Blåst Nordens Paris, Tromsø.
If you don't live in Tromsø or Norway, you can e-mail me Susidusie@hotmail.com

torsdag 22. januar 2015

Naughty baby bubblegum

Got some new ultracool necklaces to come!! Colorful charms, funny details and dingle dang!
Yay, can't wait to release them!!
Prepearing some colorful bubblegum-girls to be in the collection! 

Step by step progress

Further into the progress of this commission! 
Always fun to see other artists step by step pics, so I figured I'd post one too!
So happy to receive so much respons on this piece, I figured I'm gonna print up some on canvas once it's done.