søndag 20. juni 2010

Art Fusion 19.06.10 Tromsø

 (Fusion = melt together)
Art Fusion = several artists creating an art piece together.

19/06-2001: a rainy saturday in Tromsø
5 local artists met to arrange an Art Fusion -
Me, Thea Kiær, Terje Olsen, Hanne Nilsen and Laurent Fauconnier

With two big canvas on 1 x 1 meter, a huge waterproof roof and my brother behind the camera - we were  ready to start! We even had a big music orchestra plating next to us, our feet were automaticly marching haha.

 We decided to split in two groupes and go for the themes "Children / play" and "Happy associations".

 Laurent and Hanne discussing the progress

Me & Terje in our Hoods, Thea is keeping an eye on us

(Foto: Mads Larsen)

The rain is interfering....

We're donating the finished pieces to Bymisjonen in Tromsø

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