tirsdag 20. juli 2010

Pimpin' my kitchen!!

Yes, my kitchen's gettin' an extreme make over!
I'm using this whole week to do it, it's a huge job!
Can't wait to get finished iiiiiiiiiiiih!!!!!

Taking a last peek at my Really Yellow Woody kitchen....
ByyyEEEEE ....

 I'm doing all the closets and the dining-furnitures in a ligh retro blue.

Tomorrow I'll buy some wallpaper-glue to put up fancy pattern here and there! 

Ok so today I used the wallpaper here and there!
Found the Perfect pattern today in 5 different colours! Turned out Gorgeous!

Pimpin Cinnamon's livingroom too!

Ohhhhhhh yeaahhh, really starting to look like something I LOVE!

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