mandag 26. juli 2010

My Beautiful Blue Monday

My Really BLUE Monday turned out to be a beautiful day after all.... ♥
U know when u'r lying in ur bed, just woke up, and feel like shit? 
I mean really crap, like u don't wanna get out of the bed, or socialize with other people at all. 
U know..when U eat 2 boxes of chocolatebiscuits for breakfast, and don't bother if u'r laying  in a ton of cookie crumbles.
Yea, a day like that was exactly what this was.

The only sun I've had this year, was during the week in Spain. Besides that, it's been rain and cloudy every day more or less.......... really sux...
But then, alle the sudden, the summer decided to show it's face!
Maybe it was just for this day,  I don't know, - but when I got up this morning, it sure was sunny and bright! SWEET!

 I had to use the opportunity to grab some nice flowers from my mum's garden! ♥
God knows how long the flowers will bloom in this cruel weather!

 Then I was off to town with my dear friend Guro. When I came to pick her up, she gave me exactly what I needed to complete my smile!
The rumour sais that she found this very special shop on her vacation, filled with eyecandy and cute stuff, and that she bought me something there!
And Yes: The most Adorable small suitcases, one with strawberries on and the other one with elephants!! 

And a shoppingbag with wheels covered with hearts!!!!

I'm  SO gonna use it the next time I'm going to the grocerystore!

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