fredag 20. august 2010

Medium: Black & red marker ♥

The other day I felt like a spaghetti-head I had so many thoughts going around in my head. 
It inspired me offcourse to draw.

"The hummingbird is busy collecting all his thoughts"

Anyway, I bought some small'n'cute canvas to draw on, it came out really cool!

 "Don't feed us" 
12 x 18 cm canvas, black and red marker

"Party pooper"
 12 x 18 cm canvas, black and red marker
One for my dear friend Eirin, a little late birthday-present

  ♥  ♥ 
Later that evening we went on a little girls-get-together, and we got to taste the Best drink ever! 
A Bailey's-ice drink, it was like drinking chocolate-milkshake!!  
 Looks like Eirin is sleeping, but I promise- she was Not ! hahaha

2 kommentarer:

  1. Likte den med swahili på;) Du er flink!

  2. 1000 takk Pia!! Ja va den ikke søt, det e en intern gla-i-dæ måte mella oss :)