fredag 17. september 2010

Adore ♥ jumaloida ♥ j'adore ♥ adorar ♥ Love

A big pot of adorable stuff!!!!! Most of them are on my wishlist for Santa....

I soooo Adore Steampunk, and if I was rich I would wear only this type of clothes and accessories...... Shame it's so expensive..
I would like to have this one too in my hat-collection...
Anyway - I was almost shitting my pants when I saw this heart-pendtant at Arctic Tattoo yesterday!!!!! They seriously had to clean after me I was drewling so badly...  

"Dear Santa......................"

LOOK at that DRESS!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!

While I was looking at steampunk-stuff I found this Goregous  
dead (!!) Doll
wich I totally fell in Love with. 
Isn't she beautiful, and with her own little box - eh coffin..


Last -but least- I bought this beautiful filtheart- brooch the other day! 
It's made by an artist I know from the abnormal.org network, and she's from Poland. I fell in love with her handcrafted stuff, and even they are in a gallery, she was so kind to make me one just for me
I fell So lucky, I'll wear it every day! 
(Thank U Loo!!!)

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