torsdag 2. september 2010

And the WINNERS are ...........!!!!

Sooooo exiting making all the namelabels and 
shaking the cookie-box!!
Thank U All so much for participating!! kissessssss x x x

 Are U ready !!??
The two lucky winners of one Crazy Unit puppy each.....

♥  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

I will notify u both, but if u see this already now, please write me ur adress on my mail: susidusie@hotmail.com -
and one crazy puppy will soon be on his way!! ♥ 

Stay tune for the next Give Away Y'all !!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer dere heldige to! Jeg har nå fått en kledlig grønnfarge av misunnelse i ansiktet nå :P

  2. Yes-yes-yes!!! I`m a winner! Mail is on it`s way. Weee! =D

    Thanx, and a great, big hug! =D