onsdag 15. september 2010

I know a girl with angeleyes.........

............named Annika
She's a wonderful artist & illustrator, and the founder of her own serie called "Angeleyes".
The serie is basicly different illustrations drawn by Annika. 
I'm so found of them because they are all characterized with the thing we both love- 
Big, beautiful Eyes!

Picture belongs to Annika Sylte

I almost cried when I suddenly received a post on my fb-wall, she'd drawn the two of us!!!! 
That is the best gift someone can get......... thank u Annika........
Picture belongs to Annika Sylte

  I checked her new website yesterday, and it totally Rocks! It's even possible to buy  stamps with her illustrations on, or a cover for ur iPhone!  

Picture belongs to Annika Sylte

Check it here

and u can also follow her blog ..

.. or FB-fanpage for updates and news!

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