fredag 1. oktober 2010

Prepearing for next Exhibition!!

The Next exhibition is just around the corner!! 
It's happening @ Galleri Julie's Hage - the most gorgeous  
and intimate gallery in town!
The theme is "Surrealism", could it be any better?? :))
Our vernissage will be the 15 october, and opening for everyone the 16 th
We are 6 artists this time that will participate, among them Guro Storskjær, my dear friend and photographer.
I'm working my ass off to finish the rockin horse, he SO has to be in the show! 
Painted on this piece tonight, it's becoming great ! 
One of 4 paintings I'm showing.

The newspaper-advertisement yesterday, showing Guro's 
surreal piece "On the surface":

And look at this Awesome poster Guro made!!!! 

Be sure to check the FB-group for news and info

2 kommentarer:

  1. Woohoo!!
    Det kjem tell å bi så awsome!!

  2. Heisan hoppsan. Du har rett og slett vunnet en give away... Send meg en e-post og fortell om du ønsker en t-skjorte eller et bilde :-))
    Og adresse....