lørdag 16. oktober 2010

★ V E R N I S S A G E ★

This Friday was Magic, absolutely magic.
The surreal atmosphere was spread in the gallery, and by 8 o'clock the house was filled with cheerful and curious guests! 
My two friends Eivind & Terje were jamming on their guitars, and we served sushi, canapees and bubbly champagne. 

This is truly the most beautiful exhibition at Gallery Julie's Hage so far, in my upinion. 
We're 6 artists participating with each our unique works:

My works for the exhibition:
"The Keeper", "The girl who shot a smileyhole through ur heart", 
"Blinding layers", "The illusionist", "The Ballerina"
& The rocking horse.
Aaand also the Crazy Unit are all over the wall!

 The Ballerina

The other side of the face was revealed on the vernissage. 
Let me present the Two Sides, doubble personality perhaps?
  My soulmate 
Guro Zahir Storskjær   
"And the fear still shapes me"
© Guro Storskjær

Her works for the exhibition:

"And the fear still shapes me", 
"On the surface" 
"What's on ur mind when u'r lost in time"


  Photo by: Eivind A.Hansen

(The Gallery-owner) 
Grete Julie Schjoll-Erichsen
Grete makes amazing ceramic sculptures!

"Ma Donna"

  Photo by: Eivind A.Hansen 

Her works for the exhibition:
"SjåGodt",  "New Man Kind", 
"Henn Givelse,
"Ma Donna"
and more....


 Vladimir Rimbala
Vlado draws amazing illustrations
His works for the exhibition is a number of black'n'white drawings. 

 Check his video here: 

Sigmund Stenersen

Sigmund is a goldsmith, and he's participating with rings, jewelry
and an amazing sculpture made of marble.

Photo by: Eivind A.Hansen

Håkon Dahlen
Håkon makes amazing sculptures of wood .
His works for the exhibition are wood sculptures made of
bjørk, eik, lønn, reindeer-horns and brass.

 The Exhibition is now open for eveyone, 
visit the gallery if u haven't already!

Galleri Julies Hage
Brox veien 1 A
9020 Tromsdalen

(3. hus nord for Shell )


Tirsdag/Onsdag/Søndag  kl.13-20

 Gråpus & NoName = Best friends
My friend Eivind A.Hansen took some fabulous pics at the vernissage, 
and is so kind to let me borrow some of them for my blog: (!!) 

 My friends Eivind & Terje arranged live guitar and singing 
through the whole vernissage.

Theo eating Sushi for the first time...
3......... OMG!!!!!  

And look at that! The Brox-Storskjær Family hahahaha
If u want to see more of Eivind A. Hansen - he shoots Awesome pictures, 
visit his blog and his fb-fanpage here:

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  1. Så gøy!! Likte det siste bildet på dette innlegget, katt og fisker :)
    Love you! :)

  2. Å så gøy å se! Ser kjempekuult ut ;) Masse lykke til!!
    Kos A ♥

  3. Dere vat savnet!!!!!!!!!!!! Det var en sååå fiiin kveld !!!!!!!!! :)))

  4. Ser at denne utstillingen BURDE jeg vært på....ser kjempe bra ut!!! Tromsø hopper høyt opp på lista over steder som skal besøkes!!! Håper jeg kan få gleden av å se alt det sinnsyke...herlige...og fantastiske du maler og lager!! Kjempe inspirerende.