tirsdag 30. november 2010

Cat in the cradle

Mia baby is the star in this painting
I'm giving the royal chair a Smashing colour, really nice to her powerful, green eyes!

......and yeeees she's getting more fur in a bit, I promise :))

My dad sent me some pics from this summer that we spent in Gøteborg!
 U can clearly see that Theo is turning into ...ME!!!!! hahahaha :))

 "Smiiiiiiiiile Theo!! Yeeeeeees that's my boooooy!!!!!! "

My dad & Theo

Theo: NOooooooo mother, whyyyyyyyyyyy! Whyyy did u have to eat my icecream??
Mom: Ah suck it up, u knew I would!

Last but not least:
 Galleri Julie's Hage got a whole page in the student-newspaper Utropia!!  
The article is Smashing, full of kind words and surely inviting!!
A Million Thanx to my dear friend Stewart Håseth and the photographers, that showed up on our Vernissage! U'r amazing!!!!!
Utropia is free, and u can find it many places in town (coffe shops, the cinemas, the libary etc) 
and at the university

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