onsdag 17. november 2010

God damnit........

....I'm spending waaay to much time on other things than my blog, my reader's gone from 400 to 200 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!! 
I better post more crazy stuff , right?

I spent my night painting on the wonderland project again, and I finally feel 
I'm getting somewhere
It's a huge project (60 x 100) , and I sometimes feel a "lack of light in the tunnel" when I paint. 
"Am I ever gonna finish!? Yes yes, Susi, have a chocolate and a nap....." Haha  I wish...
Almost nothing can tare me from my atelier when I'm painting...least of all sleep!
But started on the right side-details tonight, so the rest is gonna go smooth now!

Tomorrow I will clean in my atelier, if it's too messy I can't consentrate
It's way enough that my head is messy, I don't need everything around me to be too... ;)

Waiting Exited for the final answer from the Abnormals gallery in Berlin....... 
As u all DIDN't know, I'm competing for gallery-space, it would be  
F Awesome to have my art in that special Gallery! 
Not just because it's in BERLIN - but I love the abnormals org., it's my 3rd home, and my art totally belongs there.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Bildet blir så flott Susi! Og jeg krysser fingre og tær "å gainna" litt slik at du får stille ut i Berlin! Kos kos A;)

  2. Tusen takk Linda!! :) *klemsa*

  3. Knuseklem Annika!! Takk for å krysse alt du har, æ går å trippe og vente på svar!! :))