mandag 22. november 2010

Julemarked ♥ Blåst

This weekend was the big x-mas-marked "Ett marked" at Workinnmarka skole! 
I ♥  markeds, especially when it's BIG and full of different things, not just mittens, mittens, woolsocks and more mittens....u know what I mean? 
Me and Silja had the perfect spot, and we rigged it into this beautiful glass-museum! 

 It was really eyecatchy with all the colours and different shapes!

 In the stairway we put up glassangels to fly
Pretty extraordinary that not even ONE broke (!) 

Saturday was FULL, we almost didn't have time to speak with eachother, 
we had a blasting sale! YAY!!!

My friend RareRina (http://rarerina.blogspot.com/) was also there with her beautiful stuff, and I was so lucky to get an example of this one! I think I'll use it for all my 100 lipbalms with different colours and taste! U know - the ones that are Always missing  when U need them the most!? 
Yep, I'll put them in my new bag now!

Elske elske -skikkelig elske ting me Dialekt-trøkk på!!!!!

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