onsdag 1. desember 2010

Everyday-shit ♥

Just some everyday-shit to post something different than my art ;)

Today I dragged my Visa-card until it smelled burnt Barbie-doll! 
 I've been shopping december-presents for Theo, aaaaand some goodies for myself at the farmacy. I passed a shelf with some funny products with catchy names and retro-look!
Well- especially a lipgloss called "Lip-MOTHERPUCKER" caught my eye!!
God I wish they dared to use the "F" - I would so buy it just for that ! hahahahaha.
ANyways, didn't end up with a Lip-Fucker, but one of these ---> for my tired, puffy morningeyes! 
 Hope it works smashingly dashingly! 

And was I happy or What when I found FALAFEL in a store near my home!!!!!
Ica's been out of  falafel for like 3 months now! Gaaaaaah!

We had to roll and fry them - but hey! 
There was a big falafel-party in my livingroom this evening! :))

And some new Sweet pics that I just gotta throw on my blog! ♥
First some Cool pics I took in the workshop at Glasshytta Blåst!
I just  adore this pic, it's so steampunk-style!

Silja in action! 
♥ ♥ ♥

Guro Zahir shot this of me and Eivind at VT, 
and Yea- that's the Batman-phone incase u wondered....

She also took this wonderful window-pic inside an Extraordinary, old house in town. 
It was full of mysterious rooms with retro wallpaper and really rotten floors. 
It's a wonder that we didn't fall through while we were shooting.
But God damnit how exiting, and spookey as hell!

(Copyright Guro Storskjær)
♥ ♥ ♥

Jummi jummi 
I ♥ ...............
Susanne /sweet Miss Winter took this delicious pic ♥
(Is that a Huge Strawberry Daquiry or What???!!)
Gotta be the 2ond best drink - After the lovely Ice-Baileys!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Morsomme bilder! :) Gøy å se litt hva du gjør ellers også. :)

  2. Lipfucker sku det vore ja, hmmm....

    Hærlig innlegg med masse flotte bilder!
    Enig i at det var kjekt å sjå ka aent du holde på med og. Ikkje det; eg syns du e flink å dela eg, og eg DIGGE bloggen din!