søndag 12. desember 2010

♥ Jingle all the waaaaaay ♥

A Wonderful X-mas party at my friend Therese's house this weekend! 
With Sandy and Therese cooking, we had Everything we could wish for to eat.
Beer, gløgg and wine, and offcourse an Amazing crew

 All gathered at the beautiful table!

Tha Boyz are hungry !!!

 The Girlz are behaving ♥ ...but only at the table ;)

"Hereee comes the train, (tuffi tuffi tuffi) come on, just one more bite ...."

 The Crazy Unit ååkeeeiiiii!!!

Santa came with Razberry-daquri, could we wish for anything more?? ♥
SNILL gutt hæhæhæhhæhæ

The lovely fur-gang!

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