mandag 20. desember 2010

Jinglebells for the Winners!!

It's Xmas-eve in only 5 days!!!!!!!  
December always runs fast, happens every year.
Luckely I'm not in late or anything, only Fun things remaining - 
like baking the gingerbread-project!! Theo wants a SPACESHIP!!
This week I also wanna go skating with Theo, it's opened a new skatinghall here in town! 
Can't Wait!!

This years X-mas card-pic is rather Alternative hæhæhæhæ

Saturday was Night out with the girlz, Guro and Trine! 
A Spetacular dinner at Fiskecompagniet
I'm ashamed that I haven't tried more fish over the years!!
Guro shot some cool pics with her new phone!!

 That's my plate -
Breiflabb is Tha Shit!!

Me and Trinemor hanging at RÅ!

I this glass that's almost bigger than my fuckin Head!

It's also time to draw the Winners of my Give Away!!
Each of the winners will receive one Crazy Unit pin-cushion!

Winner 1:
 Winner 2:

 I'll notify U both, so ur presents can get on it's way asap!
Mwah and Congratz to u both!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hahaha, knallbra julekort! Det må jo bare slå ann!
    Såååå koselig det ser ut som dere har hatt det på jentejulebord :D

  2. Wohooooooo! Jeeeeeg vant!!!! Gleder meg til post :D
    Kult julekort forresten :D

  3. can you send me some of that stuff you're drinking and/or smoking? ;) lol

  4. Hurra!! :) Nå blei jeg kjempegla!! Hvor skal jeg sende adressen?
    De julebildene var kjempetøffe; Jul is tha shit!!