lørdag 25. desember 2010

♥ SnoW ♥

What A Beautiful view to wake up Xmas eve and see white, fresh snow all over! ♥ 
Bring us the Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedgeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow-angels in the garden is a Must!
Unfortunately it hasn't been the right type of snow yet to make sculptures
The plan is to build a Huge snow-monster to scare the shit out of the kids in the street! 

 "Hi I'm Bob! Can I borrow some sugar , I'm baking gingerbread..."

My dear friend Eirin is celebrating Xmas-eve with us this year!  
Mwah!! ♥ 

Did someone say "CAKE" !!!????


 The Best thing about x-mas food, is that we eat it only once a year, 
so it's allowd to eat 10 times more of it!! 


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