søndag 16. januar 2011

Circus and Treasures ♥

And a Circus was Born!
The Girl with spitfire heart is swinging in a pretty landscape now, 
I really enjoy working on this piece!

 Gonna paint further on the Neon-sign when it's dry. 
As U see it's leading straight into a black, scary hole, 
so offcourse it's gonna say "ENter"

My Latest Steampunk treaures!!

I'm desperate collecting Steampunk stuff/accessories/clothing, 
too bad it's so expensive, but in time I surely will have a complete outfit!

This is the Most Beautiful dress I know of at the moment..........

Myy oh my it's so Gorgeous that I'm gonna cry like a baby now just for a sec 
*buhuhuh  hHUuhuhuuh HhuuBuuhu*
But It Is insanly pretty riiight??  ♥ 

It's from Steampunk couture 
check their website for more  Juicy, pretty, Raw  
Wanna-Buy-it-now-stuff.... (I want it ALL offcourse)


6 kommentarer:

  1. so a wonderful creativ blog.
    perfect work,great job.

  2. Koselig at du tok en titt!!! :)

  3. Kult bilde,dette er du helt rå på alså:)

    Kanskje jenta mi (Anneli) kommer ut på din bursdag..Skal ha keisersnitt denne gangen så jeg venter på en dato,skal si i fra om det blir på dagen din:)

    Ha en fin og kreativ uke!!

    Klem Linda:)