mandag 3. januar 2011

MiiiaaaaaoooOOOO into year 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR all my lovely creatures -
Surely new, big, crazy Susi-stuff will happen in this Wonderful Year!!!!!!!

 Even tho I HATE rockets, -
sparklers are okey ....and some innocent Cracklings......

 We couldn't see shit in the snowy weather, 
but I gotta say it looks nice on pics! 
= pretty cozy!!
That's me and my mami.
Me and Ulv checking out the Goods! ♥ voff voff!
 (Oh and by the way - my new BLUE nailpolish Kicks Ass, God bless U Helle!!)

 For New years-eve Dinner: 

I'm noticing that I'm giving all my characters Hair and fur now a days hæhæhæhæhæh! 
Following up Guro's mane by giving Mia - the Cat some lovely, black FUR!

She's becoming fluffy and cute, and SO majestic on her trone!

"OMG I'm not bold anymore! LOL"

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