lørdag 15. januar 2011

Things happening outside the box

Just a Bunch of COOL things u should see!!

My dear friend Guro Zahir is showing her pictures at Fotomessen 2011 in Lillestrøm! 
It's a HUge photo-seminar/exhibition, aswell as hundreds of photo-interested people!  
Well earned!! :)
I got 1000 hummingbirds in my belly 
 when I saw the pic of us on the screen!!!!! 

(The pic is taken by Kristin A. Opdan)

The latest pic of us from our last shoot, wich I still haven't shared on my blog! 
It's wickedly beautiful.............. ♥ 
We're soon starting on our Blasting 2011-project, almost can't wait, 
it will KaBoom u out of the chair! :))
I told u before, but I gotta say it again: one the smartest things I did was to start printing!
Got my 2ond Ballerina in the mail the other day (so far 3 is printed)!! 
She was Perfect and angelicly pretty! 
 Measures 50 x 100 in size, and she's on canvas with wire.
She's gonna hang for sale at Glasshytta Blåst in Tromsø, 
so if u want her, u can stop by to look and say hello! 
(or u can contact me for other sizes!
 Canvascompagniet is the the firm I'm using,
So far I've printed 5 of my paintings 
(all in excellent quality and on canvas), and two huge  
posters on thick, quality photopaper!
There's a "profile" of me on their website, among pictures 
 and prices of the prints! 
JT is Ma Man!

PS! Did u join my GIVE AWAY yet!!?? 
If not check it out NOW, got a pretty Sweeeeet Price this time!! 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Kule bilder av dere!!

    Du lager rå flotte bilder,gøy å følge deg her..
    Ha en fin lørdags kveld!!

    Klem Linda:)

  2. Printene ser kjempebra ut!!!!
    Så flott å se fotoet av dere på skjermen da!
    Dere er så dyktige begge to :)
    Stoooooor kos A ♥

  3. Tusn takk for den koselie kommentaren Linda!! KjempeArti å ha dæ som følger!! syns det e så koseli me tilbakemld!
    Klemsa x x x !!

  4. Åååååå!! Suss på nesen til engelen !!!!!!!!! *Smaaaasssk*