mandag 21. mars 2011

Bam Bam Bam Bam goes the Rabbitheart ♥

It's Finally  snowing outside!!
The weather here in Tromsø is really unpredictable, it's been icy vs. slushy 
 for the last 3 weeks.....
To ride the sledge would be suicide, and I fear if I try to snowboard
I'll just break my tailbone...
Anyways, had a nice walk to the grocerystore today, in the falling snow!

Now that I'm done with Project underground, I'm finally painting in my 
own  atelier again!
This night I've been working on the lovely Rabbitheart-girl ♥ 
She's becoming too beautiful, I'm quite bedazzled....
I gave her the tattoed arm today, finished the background and some details.

Also started a new small piece, 
wich will be a pincushion-bird in the same style

Last, but not least: 
Gotta put out the finished piece that my friend Annika made!!!!! 
Remember the pic I posted for my birthday, that she drew?? 
It's now complete with an Amazing frame!!!
It's gotta be one of my favourite pieces from u girl....... ♥

Pencil & Ink A3
Copyright Annika Sylte

Check more of Annika's stuff here!!  

x x x

8 kommentarer:

  1. Kule, vakre, rare, søte, skumle, fine malerier! Og takk for at du er med å spre ordet om tilflytter-prosjektet på Møkster!

  2. kule bilder,helt rått!!du er flink!!

    klem linda