torsdag 3. mars 2011

Pimp and Hoes Night Aiiiight!!!!!!!

  Saturday the 26th was the Big Night !!  
Yep - it was my turn to topple 30!!!!!!
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Everyone that knows me, also knows that I have a huge thing for  
carnivals and dress outs!
So no suprise that I arranged a Pimp and Hoes night for my closest friends 
at my casa!

 We had no manco of men that night, a nice mixture of both  
pimps and hoes!

Pretty Hawt huh!?

Sexy Pimp numbah 2, we were all going crazy for them that night!! 

 Such a couple 1!

Such a couple 2!!

  Lucky Bitches, we had Live music from Phil and Sandy that night!

Ulv in pimp's clothing -not sheep's clothing!

A crazy Burlesque and a (not?)-so strict Army girl!

 Tastes like sugah!

 Honey and spice and all things nice

 Eirin & Miki were the exclusive coupple from Las vegas!

Me and Ulv in the most cocky jacket ever

Carrot-cake is tha shit!!

 It's All happening by the piano!

Classy Beauties doing their thing!

Pep-talk in the kitchen is totally nescessary!

 I was really overwhelmed over the 
precious gifts I received that night....  

(more pics coming...) 

My beautiful friend Annika made this amazing drawing for my birthday!!!!

U should totally check out her stuff
she's a multitalent with a thing for angels just like me, 
and the creater of  Angeleyes

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  1. guuuuuu så arti det ser ut :)

  2. Utrolig lekkert bilde!
    -Og festen så herlig ut. Hvor var jeg..? ;P
    Rafft! =D