mandag 25. april 2011

Exactly My Cup of Tea ♥

I must say a lightning stroke me when I bought this  
Willy Wonka-Wonderful Tea the other day! 
Why did I ever stop to drink tea !!!????

  Taste of the Month: 
Kanel/Eple med frukt!!! 
It tastes exactly like it smells = Heaven!!
 Besides, I think my supercute kettle from Pylones deserves
to be used every day

Super-Susi drinking tea!
(Coinsident that my cup matches my jacket? Na-ah!
I turqouise !)

Wolfieboy drinking tea!

Mummy loves tea  ♥

Tea in town with my dear friend Eirin!
♥   ♥   ♥

The Red shoed -girl is coming along pretty in these days,
I've painted on her all night.
I changed the plant to a growing rose with sturdy roots
Today I gave her eyelashes and details on her dress,
and tomorrow the sky will have it's last stroke.

Some may think it's strange that I can work with such a messy palette...

...........But I'm exactly like that.
I don't like when the palette is new and clean-
I'll quickly make a mess on purpose.
I like to think that it's my mind that is reflected on the palette...
and the paint is my feelings, which I'm transferring to the canvas...

The Easter is aaaalmost over -
Luckely I managed to nail All 3 "Must haves" for the easter: 
1. A Supah-cute easter-egg from work!

 Included among other:
A cup of Grow ur own herbs from jamie O
- wich me and Theo harvested today!  ♥

2. Our PINK Easter-bush with Monster-eggs! 

3. Easter-Beer, Caramel-Baileys and BooooooZe  with the girliez

Jummi Hummi Mummi

 Check-list for next Easter:

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  1. Nå fikk jeg lyst til å lage meg en kopp te ;) Og påskemarsipan er jo digg , nå er de til halv pris :) Herlige bilder du lager syns jeg .
    God helg
    Hilsen Janne :)