lørdag 16. april 2011

Galleri Julie's Hage & The Evil Twin

Galleri Julie's Hage is still the most beautiful and unique gallery in town!
Me and my mother went to see the present exhibition "Kreative kvinner"
where my mom also is participating

Mummy beside her beautiful painting

Look at all these eyecandy, everything for every taste!

My mother fell in love with these, and bought them both :)

  Grete Julie's pottery is fanciful and special

Still haven't been there?

Galleri Julies Hage
Brox veien 1 A
9020 Tromsdalen

tirsdag/onsdag/søndag 13-20

Oh! Theo was thrilled over his new skull-gloves!
They're perfect for the spring, ans they don't scratch
U can buy them here: "The knitting needle" 
among other cool knitted stuff!

 The Evil Twin

This night I worked on an old painting, it's been packed away in my 
atelier for almost 2 years...(!!)

I'm glad I did it, I fancy the evil chubby twin alot, and I love the colours in it.
As I already had planned, I gave him a nice, shiny cleaver!

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