søndag 3. april 2011

Kalle Kramsnø

FINALLY we had some decent snow to make sculptures!!!!!! 
Me and the boys decided to make someone we all know ;)
Must say he looks Just like the orignial!!

I don't know how much powder-snow we'll have until the spring comes along. 
The sun is warming every day now and it's dry on the road... (jippppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) 
GOD I can't wait to get my bicycle out from the garage!!!!!

Last night I painted on the girl with the red shoes    
The flower is gonna be completely different than the scetch. 
We'll see if it turns out surreal and strange, or perhaps with an eye in the middle, 
who knows :)

I'm absolutely in Love with this shoebrand:  
El Naturalista !!!!!!   
Until now I have two pairs in my collection! (one red pair and one purple pair )  
Think I'll get myself another pair for the summer!
These are on my Wish-list:

2 kommentarer:

  1. snyyymainnnn... i Bergen e det vår. Æ elske også el naturalista, men dem e så dyyyyr! Har et par og sikle hele tia på nye ;p

  2. Gahhhh i knåååååw, endeli følte æ våren titta rundt hjørne IDAG!
    Kordan par har du !? :)) æ har to par små-mary janes <3