lørdag 30. april 2011

Life @ Susi's Casa

OMG this week has gone way too fast,
it was a "Swup" and all the sudden it was Friday! 
There's a new Science-museum in town, 
and I hope to bring Theo there sometime this weekend!

 Anyways, today we decided what to do with "some" of the 
toiletpaper-rolls we have...

We've been collecting heroically the last months...

A nice family came to life! 
(and Yes, that IS David u'r spotting on the right...)   
♥  ♥  ♥
It hit me that I still haven't posted pics of my very unique lamp!
Miss Winter (---> push the name to see her wonderful blog)
gave it to me for my birthday
and now it's finally in its place in my livingroom! 
If u take a close look at it, u may see that it's actually
made of pictures of me and my life!

I'm also starting to get a quite big collection of  
My friend Guro gave me a bunch of these for my birthday, 
and they can even be used for pai-baking (!!)
 Mmm might try them this weekend!

I gave Arf a wonderful harmonica the other day, 
he was quite happy! :) 
His body is starting to take shape
a shiny Heinz tomatobox will be his armor!

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