tirsdag 5. april 2011

Skull-gloves & Snowstorm!!

Just came from this lovely knitting-blog
where I ordered a pair of these wicked gloves for Theo!
Yeeeees, offcourse I was drewling on the pink pair in my size, but I'll bribe Theo to let me borrow his.,. )

U can't find these in an ordinary shop, they're custom-made and for sale here:

 We had huge snow-storm a couple of weeks back, 
it was  impossible to see anything through the window.  
I managed to drive my car completely stuck in a huge snow-clutter, offcourse...
But Can U beleive this:
A knight in shining armor (well okey he actually just worked at the shop next door) offered to shovel, push and finally drag my car out with a rope!
I've been meaning to find a thank you-present for him.
So, I chose a green bubble-glass for him from the shop, and simply engraved:
a car and some snowcrystals! 
Hope he'll be happy :)

Been laughing my ass off slash wiping some tears away browsing this website
 Worth a visit :)

Yum Yum Gimme Some........
Bet U Wanna eat this?? 
It's my new favourite bracelet!!
I won it on a Give Away on Happy Lia's blog:

Reminding of my Give Away that is still running! 
Now with THREE prices!!

x x x Love Susi 

 "The unreachable rose"

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  1. Heisann!!

    Epla er genialt.Herlige votter til sønnen:)

    Hørtes ikke bra ut med vinteren i >Nord:)Men godt det finnes gode hjelpere...Setter nok pris på den fine gaven fra deg:)

    Ja det armebåndet var jo til å spise opp,grattis med premie!!

    Ha en fin helg og påske:)

    Klem Linda:)