onsdag 18. mai 2011

Happy Parade and Cake-party with the family

So we managed to get through also this year's National Day ! 
I was lucky to have Ulv by my side for the preperations
on the list was cake for Theo's school and tapas for the family-party ♥
Don't u just wanna dip ur face in it??

  For the tapas: 
Chicken-skewers w/ vegetables
and saltbaked potatos, jummiiiii mummiii!!!

 Parade at the school! 
(Look at Theo poor: Yea, it was a cold wind today brrrr)

Balloon's a must!

 Me and Lilleulv

 Mommy and Kåre

Just to put the Bunad On takes more or less half an hour (!) 
Still can't get quite used to wear it, probably since 
i put it on only once a year..
But I gotta admit, it's an Incredibly Beautiful dress!!!!!!

♥ Family party  at my aunt's house! ♥ 

 Kitchen preperations...

Tapas ready to be eaten.............!!

Cakes!!! ♥  ♥  ♥

 Sisters ♥  Aunt Beate, Mom and aunt Trude

 Me and my bros ♥ 

 The Girrrrlllllzz ♥ 

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