mandag 9. mai 2011

Ink & Crazyness

Today the tunnel finally opened for public!!! 
It was a huge gathering with the mayor cutting the red ribbon and a 
singalong by the kids at Gyllenborg. 
You can see photos + read the article here:
I took some nice pics in the tunnel before the weekend!

 The 9 meter concrete-wall is now adorned with a fanciful fairytale!

 Oink Oink!

 A yellow railing has also been installed

The left wall is being used as showcases for the kids at Gyllenborg!
What  a wonderful Inside, huh!?
 Stopped by to see my dear friend Miss Winter for some ink on sunday!

We gave my Sally more colour, and some pretty stars!
I'm so happy with her!!! ♥ ♥ It's like lookin at myself in the mirror.

  My next TATTOO is just around the corner,
  it's gonna be a really unique, anatomic heart!!   
Aaahhhhh can't wait!!

I'm having tons of strange ideas at the momet, 
it's the perfect opportunity to create some new surreal paintings!

 Besides, the preperations for the next exhibition at 
Galleri Julie's hage has started!! 
 (Stay Tune! More info coming soon!)

Anyways, added some cute details on Arf yesterday, 
a Heinz tomato-box makes the perfect armor hahah!
The mailbox had a nice suprise for me the other day!!
Two supercute earrings made by Eileen on Happy Lia's !
Check her blog, she makes Cute stuff!!

 Thank U Darlin!!
I'm using them along with my candy-bracelet!


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