søndag 15. mai 2011

MiiaaaaaoooOO, AAaaoooooouUUU and Juummmiiiiiiii

I decided to change Mia's eyes, after all she's got green eyes with black pupils.



 Using most of the time on the fur, to get it rich and fluffy. 
Otherwise than that, a tail popped out today! 
And some really sharp, delicious claws! Miiiioooaarrrr!!!!!



Thursday night was Consert-night as 
The Mighty Thunderpantz played live!!! 
Offcourse we had to show up, as Phil (Miss Winters husband) is the leading vocalist, 
and then Eivind and Terje is playing guitar and bass! 

 A small clip, be aware that the sound sucks since 
I was standing right beside the speaker..!

The Strawberrie daquire-girlz    

 Ulv took me out for "dinner and a movie" saturday evening!  
We went to Fiskekompaniet 
 I wanna recomand everyone that loves seafood to try it,
it's really freakin delicious!!!  
This time I chose a jummi piece of Kveite with an amazing sauce!

Hey, I like that my piercing makes it look like I have a 4 cm huge gap 
between my front-teeth...

Ulv had a piece of angry Steinbit.
This is what a Steinbit looks like before it ends on a plate:

God damnit huh!?

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  1. hærli susi, mia blir så fiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! øyan e kanon, å klørne ser akkurat så kvass ut som de e!! :)