fredag 6. mai 2011

Pixie-Susi & A finished painting!!

I've practicly moved in to my new beautiful pixie-hoodie!! ♥ 
I have a thing for elf-inspired clothes, so when I found this yellow  
dress/hoodie on e-bay, I was quick to grab it 
(or should I say: push "BUY"!!!!)

The shop has some really cool clothes, but not the biggest selection tho, 
might be just as well or I would be broke by now hahaha! 
Anyways, check it out if u want:

I finally finished the Red shoed girl!! 
This night I added the rest of the details, such as a beautiful ladybird,  
the rest of the path and some grass.

The magic is always happening in the end,
it's the last strokes that are bringing the painting to life. 

 The parsley is growing fast!! yay!!
I might have to add some in our next dinner!

I'm a sucked for Saybia at the moment....
They're like velvet to my ears, and I never get tired of their songs.
Make urself a cup of tea and push this link: 

 and then this:

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