mandag 23. mai 2011

Pretty Wabbit-girl and her new Owner!

I'm prepearing my newest painting for take off
she's going aaaaaaall the way to London this week!! ♥
My friend Skot Reynolds was quick to grab a hold of her, and I'm so glad,
  I know he'll treat her as a princess.
(promise to smack her ass a little anyway Skot..she has a thing for it)


Skot aka Grave Industries, is an kick ass artist from London
His style is unique and easily recognizable
mostly black and white, 
and heavily influenced by bones and skulls = ♥ 
I especially love that he uses alternative things for his creations. 

Skot is also one of the resident artists @ the Resistance Gallery
 - Where some of my paintings ALSO will be hanging pretty soon!!!!!!!!!!  

Some pics of Skot's creations! 
Please Be aware that all of the images belongs to Skot Reynolds.

 Arf arf! Isn't he cute!!!?? 

 One of my favos!

 I'm soooooo gonna have Skot to decorate my Vespa-helmet
(yea when I get a Vespa in the nearest future!!!!)

If u'r interested in his work u can contact him on:
Or see his fb-page for cool stuff more:
x x x Susi

10 kommentarer:

  1. Heisann!!

    Prinsessa di var råååååååååååå!

    Flink er du!!!!!!

    Ha en kreativ og fin uke!

    Klem Linda:)

  2. Hei Susi!
    Jeg ble nesten litt starstruck når jeg så at jeg hadde fått kommentar fra deg på bloggen min. Har jo lest om deg i media og allting ;-) Tusen takk!
    Jeg er helt imponert over kunsten din - for et talent!! Lykke til i London. Mitt hjemsted i 17 fantastiske år...

  3. Så stille da..? Håper det er fordi du er travelt opptatt, og ikke fordi det er noe galt. Savner deg her inne!

    Klem fra Huldra og Blackeyed Beep. :)

  4. Susi!!! I've just been looking through some of your art, and I think you're AWESOME! :):)