torsdag 29. september 2011

Blood Thirsty

Been painting on my blood-thirsty girl all day

 She's still bold, but atleast she's got a drink now.
I really gotta paint my ass off the next two weeks to get her done, but I'm quite on track
so I'm not stressing. 
It's really no point in stressing, everything I paint ends up like crap then!

Oh!! Now that I remember!! 
Have U seen Banksy's film "Exit through the giftshop"

If not - pop some popcorn, find ur favourite pillows, and watch it!
I surely loved it....as I love Banksy and his work.

 I'm also stunned by Mariel Clayton's  photographs of a bit unusual Barbie-world.
Really LOVE her imagination, and the gret idea by using Barbie dolls.
Makes it both serious & honest, ironic and humorous at the same time.


(Posted this one on Ulv's wall yesterday, hahaha)

This night we're gonna watch Coraline,
aaaww sooo looking forward!!
I've heard that it's a bit scary for kids, even though it's a children-movie,
anyways, wanna see it myself before I watch it with Theo...

 Couch-snugglin' in the darkness 
from Susi 

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  1. Coraline er en fin film:)

    Morsomme barbie-bilder! Sjekker det ut nå!