tirsdag 20. september 2011

Finding my circus

Did another bargain today at Kvaløya's 2ond hand shop 
("Reto" brukthandel, next to Rema 1000)
It's a quite hidden place, and since it's far away from town,
I think it's important to support them so they don't dissapear.
The best thing is that they have really good stuff, and it's super cheap! 
They even pick up stuff at ur house for free! 
Me and Theo delivered several boxes with toys the other day.
Fretex ta dåkker en båille, sir æ bare.

Today's catch:
Two big, carved frames
A blue cherry scarf,
A fishbowl (for a upcoming Betta-fish in the bath! ♥)
The frame on Miss Winter's painting is the same type, 
it's amazing what u can do with a box of spraypaint

Working heroicly on my project for the Resistance Gallery.
It's only a month left to the exhib... Yay!!
Izas (the owner) sent me pics of The spitfire on the wall
lookin' awesome.

Some weird & cool stuff
Hey, wouldn't u scream out for the winter if u had one of these!!!!??

It's just the cutest thing ever!  
Gotta have one, the perfect thing for a long norwegian winter!
Had Fun drinking hazelnut-baileys and shooting pics 
with Miss Winter this saturday!
Her kitchen is the perfect spot to  act out crazy ideas.

Ridiculous funny to be a doll for one night, munching cupcakes and nipping tea!
More pics to come soon

Today's Oddity:
When I came over a pic of this in a magazine I just had to google it to find out more!
Did u know there's a resturant in Latvia called Hospitalis resturant
- and the name surely speaks for itself.

 The interior is offcourse sterile and medical inspired. Pretty cool huh!?

Sexy nurses will serve ur food, and u get to eat with syringes, tweezers and scalpels.  
U can even choose to be dressed in a straightjacket or sit in a wheelchair.........bizzarre.......

 We could deffently use something like this in Tromsø...!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ohmy, for ein SÆR idè... Blir stilig med slike gammle rammer når de får et lag spray.
    Gratulerer med utstiling, det blir kult.

  2. Så stilig det ble med den svarte ramma og det kule bildet inni :)
    Måtte innom deg i dag å få litt kunstnerisk innputt, og å se hvordan det ligger ann med følgere ;) Er så spent på din Give Away som jeg har linket til !!!