lørdag 24. september 2011

Into The Wild

I Autumn!  
......new season = a little shopping! 
Bought myself a pair off autumn/wintershoes on e-bay:
Only 40 $ and free shipping, YAY!
  Here's the link if u wanna check'em out, they have several colours:

Check out this Adorable deer-hats on etsy!!! 
Ps! She only sells the pattern, so u gotta know how to do knitting. 
Me - I don't have the patience for either knitting or crocheting....gaaah!
Also, when I saw this gorgeous cupcake-cup,
I totally had to have it..

It's important to
upgrade ur tea-cups when u drink so much tea!
Find' em here:

Our new familymember Kvikk Lønsj, has pretty much grown up 
(can't really say grown "big", he's still a tiny hairball)
He's running like crazy in his spinningwheel every night,
it's more nice to have him running around with us :)

 "God dammit, enough with the familyportraits now!"
Been workin' on a selfportrait for a special occation, done with  
chalk & pencil this time.
I like working with pencil, even if it's black'n'white, it still gives a magic touch.

Inspired by this Fantastic dog-shaking-off-water-pic
by Carli Davidson:
 Check the whole serie here:

Me & Ulv shaking off some water:

 We surely suit eachother huh?

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