fredag 9. september 2011

NeverEnding Story

 it's been Ages, I know.....
This post will probably be like a never ending story, a lot's been going on the ltest months!
So - ready with popcorn? and tea? and a nice couch with LOTS of pillows?

The summer's been really Wooooonderful  
We Fairgrounds!!

  ....and cotton candy!!

( that's my dad and his wife Dia ♥ )

 ...and dipping feets in mysterious, yellow lakes

....and Go Kart!!!!!!! ♥ 
- the best two hours in the holiday!
seriosly we wanted to buy one each and drive home to Norway! 

 Blubb blubb,
outside jacuzzi  is the shit!

Aaaw like I said, a wonderful summer, but it's gone way to fast!
I'm reallly not ready for the winter this year... 
Anyways, this winter brings a lot of new possibilities for me, 
and hopefully opening a new door,
more about that soon! 

What's cookin' on the palette??
A lot of new projects going on, Yay!

First of all, I've been so lucky to hang two of my paintings at
The Resistance Gallery in London! 

"The Keeper" & "The girl who shot a smileyhole through ur heart" 
have officially left Norway to find a unique, fresh home!

They wanted a bunch of the Crazy Units aswell! 

This awesome gallery is a multi-functional arts, performance & gallery space.
They provide everything from Art exhibitions, Theatre, Avant-Garde Gatherings, Cabaret, to
Burlesque, Gorelesque, Freakshows and Sideshows, + + +   u name it.
In other words: The perfect place to hang my stuff!
I'm working on a new project for their next exhibition "Mexico Siniestro"
that will take place in November
It'll be a pretty large piece, in a majestic frame, can't wait!

Paintings in progess......

A pretty lage piece (100 x 80 m) I'm working on for Ulv
She's inspired by Dren and myself

I'm doing her in a different style than usual,
 since Ulv wants it to look like a half-finished scetch/painting.
A funny challenge and it's coming out really cool! 

 A small piece for Guro Zahir , that actually was ment to be 
finished for her birthday in july...
But I've been busy working in the underground (more about that later).

A mortal girl with a deadly moth,
I've not decided yet if she's going to London for the exhib.
 A personal piece I'm working on,
representing me and my son

....atleast One is:
"The invincible cadet"
A portrait of Miss Winter, actually giving her it later this night!
She doens't know I've painted her, but I think she's been suspicious haha.
I spray-painted the gothic frame today (=black), waiting for it to dry! 
Will post another pic later!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg lar meg imponere! Du har en så gjennomført stil, røff, tøff og makaber, og på samme tid dukker de nusseligste figurer opp :-)
    Blir spennende å følge deg videre i dine prosjekter!
    God helg fra LIV

  2. Æ æææælske dæ.

  3. Du er så vanvittig flink Susann. <3 LOVE <3

  4. Endelig var du tilbake, I´ve missed youuuuuu♥
    Gleder meg til å se dine videre prosjekter!
    Stor kos A;)