mandag 26. september 2011

Susi's Invation

Almost finished my selfporarit drawing. 
Oh I'm also working on Lena's drawing (tattoo-drawing). Gonna catch up with her 
tonight to find out what's cookin'.

  "Susi's invation"

The Crazy Units strikes again, this time in a more personal style! 
Yeees that's riiight - U can't hide, they'll find u ...and snuggle u on ur birthday,
and eat ur candy...
Did this black beauty for Izas, it was shipped over sea all the way to London
This is my own lovely Mini-Susi
Used some fabrics from my childhood-clothes.

 A fluffy tale is absolutely nescesssary! 

My fairytale-painting is slowly coming alive (for Resistance), 
I'm painting a little bit on her every night. 
Really looking forward to start on her fur, she looks SO bold right now!
                             Modelled for the lips myself yesterday,
a cool suprize what's coming out of her mouth, stay tune!

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  1. Du har jammen mange prosjekter for tiden. :)

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