lørdag 17. september 2011

Vandalism and Art

The debate regarding the vandalism in the underground's been boiling the latest months.
The big issue is the fine line between tagging/ graffiti/art and vandalism. 

It took less than 2 months before my decoration in the underground was vandalized.
Read the article here:

Foto: Marius Hansen

  I do love graffiti, as an artist myself I find it inspiring and beautiful! 
I know I'm not alone regarding this, a lot of people would love to see more graffiti-decorations in town, there's also room for it! The council should give the permission here and there.
But there's a GREAT difference between art and vandalism. 
Professional graffiti-artists knows this: Create, not destroy.

The tagging in the underground is pure vandalism
It's done by young wannabes that doesn't know anything about tagging.
Their signature only shouts how unprofessional, disorientated and desperate the tagger is.
(Hey: try google "How to do a tagging" the next time?)

"The taggers/graffiti artists in town doesn't have any space to create... bla.. bla"
I totally agree, and it doesn't help that it's illegal. But there's 20 meters of grey 
concrete in that undergound, 
and these wannabe-taggers spilled over the only 9 meters that was decorated.... 
it speaks for itself, doesn't it?
 If u'r gonna sign my piece: do it proper, and know what it stands for, god dammit!  
Anyways, after re-painting my work, the coucil decided to put glass over it, looks awesome
but such a shame that it won't be left in peace.
I'll give it a week or two, before it's spilled with tagging again.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Such a shame wasting both their own and your time trying to do something that low to get noticed, its pure vandalism n nothing more.
    A tag is ment to put out your name and display somewhat artistic qualities, like in throw ups or thought through texts or just art.
    The tagging done in the Undergr. tunnel is pure vandalism, just shitkids with nothing else to do exept destroying your art and egoistic atitude (just to provoke and get attention)
    The repair and thick glass put over it now is a glorius FUCK YOU to all taggers in Tromsoe. All of you fucking SUCK!!!!!!!!

  2. Well written, Susi! I'll share. :)