fredag 14. oktober 2011


 I can't apprechiate enough when Theo wants to join me at the painting-table
If that isn't enough, he's also starting to develop his own, creepy style! That's my boy!!

"The teddybear......"
Acrylic on canvas
Theo 9 years

The last brush-strokes are just around the corner.....must say I'm pretty happy
with my newest piece
There's already a bid on her, from a sweetheart in Denver. 
I'm very curious to see who she ends up with, after going to London!!

Things are also happening in the musical-part of the house! 
Latest last night I could hear them go nuts on the drums and almost blow up the amplifier!
I just had to check them out and ask for a boob-autograph...they're my heroes u know... 

Doing a cool and colourful project for my friend Charlize!
She's an awesome hip hop-dancer,- me and Miss Winter managed to sweat through a coupple of 
dancing-lessons with her, while she still was in Tromsø. 
Anyways, she's starting her very own studio in Vestfold! (Opening 31 oct)
If u'r interested, be sure to check it out!

I just saw some pics from inside, and it's gonna be aaaaamazing.
A graffiti-artist just put up a piece inside the dancinghall (look at tthe poster).
I'm painting the Street student-logo on a huge canvas for her, 
 it's gonna look hot with bricks and splatter!

Still in progress..

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