torsdag 6. oktober 2011

She'll eat Ur heart out...

My sexy deer-girl is soon ready for London!
I really challenged myself this time, tried new angles and poses, it's my only way to grow as a painter. 
Gahhh but yes,- offcourse I struggle too...!  
I often take breaks in pure frustration and go for a bike
it helps me refresh my view...
I'm the first one to receive my Cup!!!!!
Yeah we've been on ebay to buy each our fancy, personal cup!
Mine came in the mail a few days ago, and i Loooooooooooove it, 
it's perfect, exactly how I like it!  

I think I want the green one too......
aaaaaaand the pink one... 

The love of my life aka Ulv, put up his drums today!! Ohh JOY!!! spank me!

  Theo & Gabbe presents:  
weither u want it or not-shot"

Remember my Autumn Give-Away!! 
(ends on Halloween!)

x x x Susi

5 kommentarer:

  1. / Tusen takk, og det samme kan jeg si til deg! Digger stilen din!

  2. Wow! For en stil! Like it! Susi-Art, må jo bli et nytt begrep innen kunsten! :)
    Takk for at du la igjen spor hos meg, så jeg fant frem hit!