mandag 10. oktober 2011

Werewolf tendencies

I don't know if it's a good or bad habit to paint in the night.
I just get this special calmness over me when everyone's asleep,
I can work completely in peace
My creativity and energy is at maximum after midnight.

A little company is always cozy

It's alaways a little boring to fall asleep "alone" though.....thank god I have my phone to have fun with! 
Trying out different camera-apps, some of them comes with blitz..

I bet he dreamt he was The Green Lantern

Now..... She's alive
 The last layer of paint always creates the magic
Been saving pics all the way from the start, I think it's wonderful to watch!
Came over this AMAZING tattoo on the net, 
offcourse I felt the urge to have one myself...!

Some very clever words....

 We bought another new family-member today!
 Welcome to the fishbowl "Blåbær"!

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