tirsdag 1. november 2011

Countdown Exhibition!

Countdown Mexico Siniestro
The Sinister Art of the Mexico's Underground!


The group-show "Mexico Siniestro", wich I'm participating in, 
is only 1 day away from opening!
My precious girl has arrived safely in London, and is now hanging on the 

The show is huge, we're over 50 artists (!),
among them: 

 Ian Ward

 Adam Bloom

 Skot Reynolds

 Kate Lomax 

 Buddy Nestor

 Esther Perez Ramirez

 Frodo S. Sañudo

 and the gallery-owner herself Izaskun Gonzalez.

Can u imagine all the different art-works, creations and ideas!!
It's gonna be magic!

What the show is about: 
The influence that Mexican culture & art is having on the aesthetics and 
artistic practices all over the world.
In other words:
Drug warlords & gangland killings.
Poverty, corruption, politics. Love, death and afterlife.
Graffiti, shrines, skulls, spells and curses.

Check out the event here: 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love your painting! She's fabulous!!

  2. Utrolig kuult bilde VakkerSusi!!!
    Definitivt det tøffeste på hele utstillingen!
    Klæm A ♥