tirsdag 8. november 2011

@ the Resistance Gallery

What an explosive, fanciful and outrageous exhibition: 
The Mexico Siniestro!
Was I honoured or what - to be part of this amazing event, together with over 50 other artists.
Here's some pics from the grand opening, 
and I'll punch myself in the eye again for not being there..!

(Note: The images are borrowed from and belongs to: Peter Wallis
Skot Reynolds (aka Grave industries) and The Resistance Gallery.
Please don't copy without permission, thank you)


YAY!  Here's "My wall"
sharing together with: Magda Zon, Raul Pina Perez and Johnny Stingray

 My "Resurrection" piece

 Performance, dance and fetish: But Offcourse!

 The owners Izaskun and Garry, next to Skot Reynold's shining piece!

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