mandag 2. juli 2012

5 - a magic number?

It's been 5 months since last time...........
Let's just say that I suddenly bloomed and started to breath again, just like a dandelion in spring.

So! How to summarize...?! Ok, some private-life first:

  Copenhagen Ink Festival!!

My dream finally came true when me and Eirin decided to join our dear friend Miss Winter and her crew- for the Copenhagen Ink Festival!
4 days in the beautiful city, including convention & new tattoos, Zombie-boy, Hard Rock cafè, shopping, cider, beer and sun, and last but not least: concert with The Mighty Thunderpantz!

 Morten's getting his tapping-tattoo by Bret from New Zealand

 I HAD to get one myself!! They gave me a very meaningful one inside my hand:

The bird who always finds its way home

In Miss Winter's booth!

Eirin got a lot of work done on her pretty roses! 

 Also: got my heart done , so adore it!!!!!
By: The talented Miss Winter


Licking Zombie-boy's face was totally nescessary!

 We found the most beautiful shop in Copenhagen : Kolonihaven!! 
 It was full of eyecandy, both vintage and handmade stuff!! 
This is the kind of shops we need to support! And miss so much in Tromsø....!
Visit their page here! U can order stuff from them too!!

Look at that floor!! I want it in my livingroom!

 Art-fusion at Hard Rock cafè!

 The Mighty Thunderpantz concert, last day in Copenhagen!
Kicked Ass!

Fuckiiiiiiiiiiiin' sweeeeeeeeeeet!

TMT groupies!!!

Latest art- projects!

Hurrayyy!! My super-sexy comission for the new rock-place in Tromsø: Road House! 
Road House ( by Phil Butterworth) is exactly what we need: rockabilly style, big concert scene, beer and food serving- u name it! Curl ur hair and take a visit!!

I've been accepted as a new brow at The Pop Gallery in Santa Fe:

2 of my paintings ("The Keeper" and "Resurrection") recently participated in the
 "Pop Femme: Sugar Coated Strange" exhibition. YAY!

Other than that, I'm working on these 3 projects:

 A wounded bunny dancing on glass.....my favourite a.t.m...

 The alien-girl for Ulv

Portrait of Ian Ward
Speaking of:
Me and Ian is doing a trade! Portrait for portrait! I recently received my Fantastic piece in the mail! It's already on my wall!

  by Ian Ward
Oil and Acrylic on canvas

Proud and happy!!!

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