fredag 25. januar 2013

Oink Oink

Just have to share with you our new family-member:
Lille My!!
 She looks like a raisin with wiry fur and is nothing else but adorable!

Lille My

Lille My is a canadian minipig!
We bought her from a farm in Tønsberg, Norway, and she was sent up to Tromsø by plain.
 She's about 10 weeks old now and 2,5 kg. As an adult she will be between 8 -15 kg (+ -).
 She'll eat almost anything, pees and poops in a cat litter box (almost odorless!)
 and she's allergy friendy! (Did anyone say The perfect pet!?)

Pigs are also damn smart!!
We had her for only 2 weeks, and she's already learnt "sit", "give kiss" and "go in circle",
pretty awesome huh!??
Soon she'll be in my atelier painting a portait of me, wait, U'll see!

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  1. Ååh... For et nydelig nurk, og så fint bilde av dere - der han hviler på skulderen din <3 *smelt* Jeg liker griser!