søndag 9. mars 2014

Back on track with new name

Finally I'm getting my blog-adress changed!!
In just a couple of days the new name for my site will be: 

Now that I have the new name in box, I'm gonna get back to posting much more often. 
I also changed a great deal of the design - a lot of nice things to choose from! 
And I'm so happy I can keep the blog, can't stand the thought of making a brand new website! Gah! Or pay for someone else to do it, for that matter.......

From one thing to another-
I'm painting and creating like a madman these days, once I'm in my creative period I gotta use it
for all it's worth.
In the latest months I've fallen in love with sculping. It's great fun and even better - it dries
quickly and it's fast to paint cause of the size! Love it.
Bought some cute pendant windows on etsy, and made some lovesick birds
inside of them...aaawwwee.

Also working on this dead bird that's gonna be inside a glass-dome, 
will post more pics once I start painting on it. 

Off to paint now, will post more later
x x x

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