søndag 9. mars 2014

New Susi accessories at Blåst

I LOVE shopping for pendants, rings, frames, beads and charms 
to make accessories ! It's like X-mas to me!
Found these cool raven-skulls to hang on my necklaces. 
Also upgraded my rings with a glassdome on the top.

These are all available at work: 
- among all the sweetest, nicest, most colorful things in town!!

Oh how we love pink!!

A whole wall with Susi-prints! YAY!

Blue Blueberry Sue

Many have asked  if I have a netshop where I sell my accessories.
I DID create an Epla-account to sell my collection. But only Epla-members can shop, 
in other words you have to create an account. 
(I really hate when I have to register to buy something online, 
especially when you just wanna buy 1 simple thing...)

And since Epla is a quite "small" norwegian network, (compared to Etsy or Ebay),
 I deleted it and created a page on Etsy instead.
Will update it as soon as possible, need to produce 
a bunch of products first !!

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  1. Godt å se deg på bloggen igjen, og grattis med splitter ny layout. Gleder meg til å se alt samlet på etsy :)