lørdag 29. november 2014


So I've been in my fishbowl again! I've had some incredible last months, with blooming imagination and the urge to create. When that happens, you got to use it for all it's worth...!!

As an artist you always face a period of being a zombie...you know,- when nothing creative comes to your head.
You can stare at your white canvas for hours, get really pizzed because nothing comes to your mind, then start to cry, and in the enda - finally give up while you're eating a 6-pack of donuts.

These last to weekends, I've participated in 2 markeds, it's been so much fun! I worked my ass of to produce a motherload of accessories - and luckely it was worth it :)

 ......Bling bling......

 I bought a really dull wood-display for my jewelries, and decided to pimp it up with a little Susi-art...! Much better huh?

.....gnam gnam.......

 Trying out these new bracelets for my collection, they have snap-buttons on! Snapping is FUN!

Oh! New for this years Xmas! Gift-cards with my new wiener-dog!! Perfect huh!? hahaha.

Me with nice shopping-bag eyes!

My partner at the marked was my sweet friend Camilla (Mille's skatter) - she creates AMAZING knitted treasures. I grabbed 2 scarfes her the collection the second she packed them out!

The girl hiding under the table?
Oh .that's Me packing out my stuff at the 2nd marked!

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