torsdag 22. januar 2015

Tiny creatures

These tiny creatures came to life in my atlelier during the last couple of days! 

Tiny Mr. Fox says: Hello, I love icecream !!

Found this frame at the flea-marked and wanted to use it for a small sculpture in the future!
Voff voff!
Got 2 of them, so maybe I'll do a female dog too, a little girlfriend for this 

I felt I needed a new owl in my accessories-collection!
"My favourite sweater" 
Oil on paper, 2015

I have special plans for this little bugger!
Stay toon! :)
"Mind your own buzzzzziness"
Oil on paper, 2015

All images © Susann Brox Nilsen 

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  1. Ååå, ugla <3 <3