tirsdag 14. juli 2015

Oilpaint FTW

So a couple of days ago I decided to give acrylic a new chance.
Last time I promised myself to never touch it again, for some reason me and acrylic just don't get along!
Anyways, I started a small painting, and at first it actually went really well. But then offcourse, on the 2ond layer it started to go to hell. I swear there was a demon sitting on my canvas laughing his ass off. The last hour I was dragging my hair and my paintbrush out of the canvas, since everything was bone dry. The colors looked like shit, and the face just looked like a carved stone.

Instead of smashing the painting and burn all my acrylics, which I seriously wanted to do,- I saved it for the next morning. I then continued with oilpaint, my BFF. That was like candy coming out of my paintbrush, and so I wrote a reminder to hang in my atelier:

1. You and acrylics will never be bffs
2. Acrylic is evil
3. If you all the sudden, against all odds, find yourself holding acrylicpaint in your hand - burn it as quicly as possible
4. Never paint with acrylic

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